MBA in Political Science

The Scope of MBA in Political Science Degree Programs

There are a number of campus-based as well as online institutes that offer MBA in Political Science programs. This advanced degree program is suitable for you if you want to acquire a deeper knowledge of political science.

These programs usually take 2 years to complete. However, you can also go for online MBA of Political Science programs, which can essentially allow you far more flexibility over the fixed schedules of classes and assignments in traditional institutes.

You can also choose an area to specialize in MBA of Political Science degree programs such as:

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Regulatory policy
Public policy
Nonprofit law
Administrative theory

You can also enroll in part-time EMBA programs according to your own preferences and time availability.

Career Outlook

Some of the positions that professionals in this field can be found working in include:


Support staffer

Campaign Manager


Consulting analyst

College professors

MBA of Political Science Online Degree Programs

If you are working at a part-time or full-time job, you can benefit from enrolling in MBA in Political Science programs online. The online MBA programs are very flexible and allow you to study from any location. 

How long does it take to complete an MBA in Political Science?

An MBA in Political Science program is rare; however some schools like the Harvard University are offering joint degree programs in government and business. These include the Master in Business Administration/Master in Public Policy (MBA/MPP), which is a 3 year long degree. Apart from dual degrees, some institutes are also offering a Master of Arts (M.A) in Political Science, which can be completed within 2 years.

What are the requirements to complete an MBA in Political Science?

For the MBA/MPP joint degree program, the students have to study a number of modules such as Economic Analysis of Public Policy, Economic Development and Policy Design & Delivery. Apart from completing the required courses, students also have to undertake two internships. One of those should be either a social enterprise, policy or an international development internship. This internship has to be done during the first summer. An internship related to business has to follow the following year. For the MA in Political Science program, students have to complete approximately 33 credits.

How much can I make after completing an MBA in Political Science?

After completing a Masters in Political Science, students can find employment as Political Scientists, Policy Analysts, Management Analysts, or Postsecondary Political Science Teachers. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Political Scientists earned a median annual wage of $117,570 in 2018. In 2018, the number of jobs available in this field was 7,300.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:How many credits is the MBA Political Science degree program worth?

A:The MBA Political Science has a total of around 54 credits. However, the exact credit hour requirements will vary from college to college.

Q:How many credits are there in the online Poli Sci MBA?

A:The online Political Science MBA has 54 credits.

Q:What's the duration of an online MBA Political Science degree program?

A:The online MBA in Political Science can generally, take up to 2 years to complete but can take less or more depending on the format. Some schools are also offering accelerated masters degree which can be completed in less than two years.

Q:Is it possible for working professionals to pursue the online Political Science MBA programs?

A:Online distance learning is ideal for working adults or individuals who wish to maintain a balance between their professional and academic lives. These online programs comprise of virtual classrooms, forums and 24/7 help desks. In comparison to campus-based education, the online programs are also much cheaper and flexible.

Q:What are some of the areas that are covered in an MBA Political science degree program?

A:The MBA in political science is a dual degree program that provides students with insight into both fields as well as their interrelationship. The courses that are included in the curriculum of MBA in political science degree include finance and managerial accounting, marketing management, quantitative methods, macro/microeconomics, game theory, political economy, econometrics, and math microeconomics.

Q:What are the objectives of the Nonprofit law course of the MBA course Political Science?

A:The MBA in Political Science has the Nonprofit Law course, which aims to teach the students on how to perform audit on the welfare organizations and Non Government Organizations. The audit involves making sure these Non Profit companies, organizations and concerns are not making profits , since they are exempted from taxes and if they are making profits then it is a criminal offense.

Q:In my search for jobs with MBA in Political Science, I came across the specialization in Imperialism in Political Science. Can you brief me on that?

A:MBA or MS in Political Science introduces you to a vast variety of subjects. This includes the course Imperialism. In this course the individuals are introduced with the history of Imperialism in different areas around the globe. It discusses the issues of Imperialists and those that became a subject of Imperialism.

Q:What to do with a Political Science degree MBA if you want to become a Consulting Analyst?

A:If you have a MBA in Political Science degree, you have a great scope in becoming a Consulting Analyst because all the required courses are covered in the program. Some of the skills required for becoming a Consulting Analyst include the ability to get along with different people, analytical skills, time management skills, good judgment and good communication skills.

Q:As I went over the curriculum of the MBA programs with Poli Sci, there was mention of the course on Social Impact of Technology. What are the contents of this course?

A:It is common to get to read about the course on Social Impact of Technology while going through the MBA Programs with Poli Sci. This course is worth 4 credits in total and highlights on the broader examination of the implications that the innovations in technology may have on the different organizational setups.

Q:What are the contents of the course on Business Analysis in the MBA Political Science online programs?

A:The MBA Political Science Online programs in the United States have dedicated course on Business Analysis. This course usually is worth 2 credits in total. It is designed to provide students with ample understanding of the applications of the concepts of algebra in solving the various problems of business, helping in the development and the technicalities.

Q:How long is the mba in political science with a concentration in economics?

A:The MBA in political science with any concentration, typically takes two years. However, this is only true if the MBA is taken on-campus, full time. Students can often choose to do a part time or evening MBA which only holds classes on the evenings or weekends, these MBA degrees can take up to five years to complete.

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