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Careers in Political Science

What is Political Science?

Political science involves the study of public policy, politics, political systems and governments and all interlinked political behavior. A political science degree focuses on developing the skills and knowledge base of the student through the study and analysis of the political dynamics of the different regions of the world. During the course of this degree program, you will learn political theory, political institution, political dynamics, and international relations.

Job Market and Careers in Political Science

There are many careers in political science that can be followed up on after the completion of your education. A degree in political science will qualify you for any of the law, criminal justice, public policy, and international relations fields. These jobs will usually appeal to those that have an interest in debating and arguing about public policies, governmental decisions, and world affairs. So if you are naturally inclined in this direction, you can enroll in a political science degree and enter one of these fields.

You can enter the field of law. A degree in political science will allow you to enter the field of law either as a lawyer or as a professional working in the field. Those who have already decided to pursue a Juris Doctor degree (JD), start by studying political science in their bachelors. This provides them with an ideal opportunity to developing a base on which to build up a law career. In this case, a political science degree merely acts as a stepping stone on the path to becoming a lawyer. You can also enter the field of law, without a JD degree, if you take up a career as a paralegal or a legal assistant.

For taking up a career in politics, your degree in political science will teach you the inner workings of politics and government affairs. You will find yourself suitable to run for a local or federal government office or perhaps as a government consultant. Other official positions include those of an immigrations or customs officer.

Teaching is always an option. Usually people who are interested in political science are very outspoken and critical, qualities that are characteristic of a great educator. You can combine your political science degree with a teaching degree or certification and apply for a teaching job at a university or school level depending on your level of qualification. You can teach at the high school level with a bachelor’s degree, but with a Ph.D. you can also get a teaching position at a university.

There are several other jobs that are opened up with a political science degree. Journalism is quite a popular career option by political science graduates, who often go on to write opinionated articles about political issues, worldly affairs, and other related topics. Apart from journalism, political science graduates can opt for jobs such as public relations officers, editors, accountants and positions in higher management. You can even start a career as a social worker and apply for a job at an NGO (Non-profit organization).

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Can you tell me some career opportunities in Political Science?

A:There are a number of career opportunities in Political Science. In fact, it is one of the fields with a very wide prospect of career opportunities. Some of the fields you might be interested in include corporate public affairs advisor, activist, corporation legislative issues manager, online political journal, high school government teacher, freelance writer and public affairs research analyst.

Q:What federal career in political science can I pursue?

A:The federal government provides professionals with a number of opportunities. Professionals interested in federal careers can find themselves working as Organization and Methods Officer, Policy Analyst, Community Land Use Planner, Economic Analyst, Public policy Program Director, Public safety Officer, Public Health Manager, Housing Analyst and Transportation Administrator. Students interested in pursuing these careers are advised to search our website for more information.

Q:Are there any political science careers related to journalism?

A:Yes, there are a number of job positions you can pursue with a major in political science. These include: editor, press officer, print journalist, public relation specialist, radio journalist, and publisher. You can work for various private news agencies and public relations firms. Browse through our page for more information.

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