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Doctoral in Political Science

Overview of the program
Political Science is an inter-disciplinary field and incorporates public policy, international relations and even international law. The doctorate mainly focuses on the theory and research in the field.

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Structure and duration of the degree program
A Doctoral in Political Science can usually be completed within three to six years, though in some cases it may take less or more as well. The students are expected to carry out extensive research which leads to a dissertation. The coursework focuses mainly on theory but to complete the degree, students are expected to gain some fieldwork experience.

Highlights of the coursework
The coursework for a Doctoral of Political Science mainly focuses on theories of government and politics which also incorporates history. Other courses include foundation of comparative politics, nature of political inquiry and politics, political analysis, democratic theory, political philosophy and empirical research methods.

Admission criteria and graduation requirements
Admissions in the Doctorate of Political Science depend on your Master's degree or bachelor's degree, which should preferably be in related fields such as International Law and Political Economy, Political Theory, Comparative Literature or a few other related fields. A good GRE score and a GPA, with relevant teaching or work experience can be a plus. Your graduation depends on the defense of the PhD thesis and a comprehensive examination following the completion of the coursework.

Career prospects and average salary
Since Political Science is a theoretical field, you should aim for advanced level advisory or academic positions. Besides, you can also work as public policy researcher, political researcher or political science theorist. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) specifies on its website that around half of all people having a career in political science earn more than $107,420 annually as of May 2010. With around 80% off all such individuals possessing a doctoral degree, it will take further experience and career advancement for you post a Phd to take your annual income over $155,490, which is characteristic of the top ten percent lot in this sector.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What will I study in Understanding 21st-Century Global Challenges course taught in Doctoral in Political Science?

A:You will get to study a number of topics and courses if you opt for Doctoral in Political Science. Understanding 21st-Century Global Challenges is a three credit hour worthy course in which students get to have a better understanding of how global challenges are influencing the world all together, and how politics needs to be changed accordingly.

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