Online Physics Degrees

Online physics degrees are a great choice for those who want to pursue the subject of physics but only have the option of part-time study. Online physics degrees can deliver many elective courses in a cost efficient manner.

How Long Does It Take to Complete an Online Physics Degree?

Many schools in the US, such as Michigan State University and Arizona State University, are offering online degrees in Physics. Students can enroll in an online Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in Physics or an online Master of Science (M.S) in Physics. The time of completion of these online degrees depends upon the person’s pace and study format but can be usually completed within 2-4 years.

What Are the Requirements to Complete an Online Physics Degree?

The online Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in Physics requires completion of approximately 120 credits and the Master of Science (M.S) in Physics requires completion of around 30 credits. Students get a chance to study a range of subjects such as Classical Particles, Fields and Matter, Programming for Physicists, Mathematical Methods in Physics, Non-linear Beam Dynamics, Particle Accelerators and Quantum Physics.

How Much Can I Make after Completing an Online Physics Degree?

After completing an online degree in Physics, individuals can find employment as Research Scientists, Materials Scientists, Health Physicists, Science Journalists, or Teachers. As per the data published on O*Net Online, Materials Scientists made a yearly median wage of $99,800 and an hourly median of $47.98 in 2018. Data indicates that 8,000 individuals were employed in this field in 2018.

What will I study in my online physics degrees?

Online physics degrees have been designed to closely mirror what you would study in a conventional classroom. Online physics degrees involve several core courses. You will be expected to take classical mechanics, electricity and magnetism, and modern physics.

Online physics degrees can then be followed up with electives depending on your specialization of interest. Some of the common specializations include solid state physics, biophysics, medical physics, electronics, fluid dynamics and astrophysics. All these courses in online physics degrees build upon the basics you studied in the core courses.

Online physics degrees cover both the theory and practical side of physics. Experimental classes will expose you to practical consideration in designing experiments and real world applications of the theory.

Online physics degrees include bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees. The doctoral degree involves a research thesis that too can be completed online. This doctoral degree is designed for those who want careers in research and teaching.

What is it like to complete online physics degrees?
Online physics degrees are able to provide you convenience and flexibility that conventional degrees simply cannot. You can download all the lectures and tutorials online and watch them whenever is convenient for you. You can also obtain handouts and assignments in an electronic format. You can complete assignments and submit them online for grading. Forums and social media tools allow interaction with peers and instructors.

The one handicap faced by online physics degrees is the difficulty in arranging practical laboratory work. While it is possible to get some advantage by running online simulations and completing programming assignments, ultimately you need hands on experience to prepare for work in industry. Online physics degrees often arrange for a practical component to be completed at affiliated institutions. This means that you can complete the theory component in the convenient online format and just leave the practical portion for the classroom environment.

What are my career options after completing online physics degrees?
Online physics degrees to the bachelor’s level will prepare you for industry jobs. These could range from working in a hospital on imaging research to materials research in a government or private laboratory.

A master’s degree allows you to pursue topics in more depth and eventually enter management positions. Doctoral degrees are allowed to enter research and teaching positions.

Most people with a physics background look to work directly in industry developing products and conducting research. Some of them are able to find position in finance and marketing that require knowledge of physical systems and strong quantitative abilities. Others find that online physics degree can serve as the perfect foundation to eventually pursue careers in business, law, medicine and event education and public policy. A common career path for those who just have a bachelor’s degree is to teach at the high school level.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What is the difference between the online Physics degree program and the hybrid degree programs?

A:The online Physics degree programs are entirely online degrees which can be studied completely from home. On the other hand, the hybrid programs are designed to give you the best of both mediums, i.e. you can study a few programs in the traditional classrooms and the others online from home or workplace.

Q:What is the dual online Physics degrees program?

A:The dual online Bachelors of Physics degree program combines a specialist Physics degree with the engineering program. This provides you the edge of gaining two degrees in the duration of one.

Q:Can we apply for membership in societies like Sigma Pi Sigma with the Bachelors in Physics Degrees online?

A:The Sigma Pi Sigma is an honorary society for the field of physics which can be joined with any physics degree including the Bachelor's of Physics Degrees online program.

Q:What are my career opportunities with a university degree in physics electronics?

A:The career opportunities with a university degree in Physics Electronics include working in industry developing products and conducting research. It allows you to work as technical support engineer, electronics engineer, researcher, an educator if you go on to pursue the field with a doctoral degree. Physics Electronics degrees are a combination of two very significant fields. Therefore, it offers a flexible career where you can chose amongst the various options.

Q:Which online physics degree programs are being offered currently?

A:There are various online physics degree programs being offered by institutions listed on our website. These include bachelors, masters and doctoral degree programs. These online physics degree programs require a great deal of practical experience to be gained. Hence, a nearby affiliated location is offered to students for practical laboratory experimentation.

Q:What are the job prospects of an online physics doctorate degree?

A:An online physics doctorate degree has extremely lucrative job prospects. Doctorate in Physics allows you to pursue your career as researcher for development and innovation in the subject. The degree allows you be become a qualified instructor/professor at any university or college which is a very highly paid job. It can also give you the opportunity of heading a technical department of any electronics related company or take up administrative and management jobs in any organization.

Q:Is it possible to pursue a physics degree online?

A:Distance learning programs in physics enable students to pursue graduate level degrees in areas like biophysics. Students can also get enrolled in master's program that offer specializations in disciplines such as thermodynamics, material sciences and astrophysics.

Q:What are the admission requirements to enroll in a medical physics degree online?

A:Students interested in physics and healthcare can earn a bachelors degree in this area, bachelors in medical physics degree online is offered by many schools and colleges. Following is the admission criteria for enrollment in a bachelors program in medical physics: students must have a high schools diploma, a minimum CGPA of 2.00, and students must have earned a minimum grade of C in all science courses in high school.

Q:Are there any online physics programs offered by the Western Governors University?

A:Yes. The Western Governors University offers online physics programs as well . These include the Bachelor of Arts in Science - Physics and the M.A. in Science Education - Physics. Both these degrees concentrate on Physics. These offer introductory science courses in their initial phase of study and move on to detailed Physics courses in the later half of the degree.

Q:What is the point of online doctoral programs in physics online?

A:If you are eligible for a doctoral program in physics, that means you have already completed a master's degree. In that case, you may already be working and may not have enough time to fit in a regular class schedule into your existing schedule. An online doctoral program in physics gives you the independence to continue your existing responsibilities while you prepare your doctoral thesis with the online assistance.

Q:In what areas do students develop skills while enrolled in a Physics degree online?

A:The degree program not only provides students with scientific knowledge, but also enhances skills in certain areas such as: modeling and simulation, mathematical skills, lab and instrumental skills, problem solving skills, computer programming skills, presentation skills, simulation skills, modeling skills, and product designing skills. These skills enhance job opportunities and widen the scope of personal development as well as academic development.

Q:Why should I choose an online physics degree masters instead of a regular one?

A:An online physics master's degree, if acquired from an accredited institute, will hold the same value in the job market as a regular degree. The main reason people choose online degrees over regular ones is that an online course leaves you enough time to continue with your existing work or other responsibilities. The online class schedules are easy to manage and can fit into your existing routine.

Q:Are there any physics degrees online?

A:Several online Physics degree programs are mentioned on our website. These include the Bachelor of Arts in Science with a concentration in Physics and Master of Arts in Science Education with concentration in Physics. These programs can easily be pursued online via the above listed schools and students can take as much time as they want to complete the courses since these are online degrees.

Q:Can we teach on the basis of a physics degree from a renowned university?

A:No. The Physics Degree is designed to prepare an individual in various applications of physics and sub-fields of physics, such as biophysics and nuclear physics. Teaching in United States can only be done with a dedicated education and teaching degree under the belt.

Q:With a mere Bachelors in physics degree on line can I opt for an engineering degree?

A:Yes. With the Physics Degree On Line you may wish to opt for the lucrative testing engineer posts which can be applied for upon completion of some workshops. These physics testing engineers are QA analysts who check the robustness of a site.

Q:Can you name the best online schools for online education physics degree?

A:A degree in physics can be attained through online schools. These schools are considered as the best online schools for physics degree programs: Western Governors University, and Ellis University, Strayer University. These online schools have been accredited by the higher education commission and the distant education training council. Degree program in physics are offered at graduate levels from the above mentioned online schools.

Q:Is it possible for anyone with an online degree in physics to get their credits transferred to a regular university?

A:Yes. If you have an online degree in physics or you have completed some of the modules, it is possible to get your credits transferred. When opting for an online degree, students are advised to check extensively if the institutions are legitimate and credits are easily transferable. Our website provides a comprehensive list of accredited institutions offering this degree.

Q:As I read about the degree Physics experiments, there was mention of the course on Introduction to Computers. What are the contents of this course?

A:Many of the Bachelors degrees in Physics Experiments in the United States feature courses on Introduction to Computers. This 2 credits worth course focuses on making sure that the students know the basics of using and running the computer applications that may be require in Physics practical experimentation. This course is usually at the introductory level.

Q:What is taught in the Social Impact of Physics course of the online Masters degree in Physics?

A:These days almost all of the online Masters Degree in Physics programs have a course on the Social Impact of Physics. This course is of around 4 credits and highlights on various aspects of the impact that Physics has on us individually and in collection. There is significant focus on the political, personal, environmental and economic impacts of the technological innovations.

Q:Reading about online physics degrees and specializations mentioned forensic physics. What is this about?

A:Forensic physics would be mentioned when reading about online physics degrees and specializations. This specialization in forensic science deals with firearms and tool marks. Professionals in this field are required to determine trajectories, distance and the amount of energy involved at the scene of the crime. This is an important part of forensic science where professionals with this specialization assist with criminal investigations.

Q:What is taught in the Circuit Safety and Tools course of the degree in Physics online?

A:The degree in Physics online in the United States has a dedicated course on Circuit Safety and Tools. This course is designed to offer the students with the understanding of wire sizes, insulation, controllers, cutting tools and the methods to troubleshoot problems. This course is worth 4 credits in total and is an integral part of most of the physics related courses.

Q:While searching for part time Physics degree, I came across Ecology and Evolution course. Can you brief me about it?

A:It is common to come across Ecology and Evolution course if you search on part time Physics degree. In this course the students are familiarized with the fundamentals of evolution and ecology. The students will be introduced with the population within human communities and various things that affect the organisms.

Q:Is there any benefit of taking the online degree physics?

A:Online Degree Physics has a number of advantages when compared to the campus based degree. Students enrolled in the online program have the opportunity to schedule their own classes and take the classes from anywhere in the world with a single internet connection. Students also get to complete the online degree at a pace of their own other than having to rush to match the speed of other classmates.

Q:What is taught in the course on Introduction to Computers in the universities that offer online Physics degrees?

A:The Universities that offer online Physics Degrees have dedicated courses on Introduction to Computers. this course is worth 2 credits in total and is designed to provide the students with a contemporary basics understanding of the most important computer applications as well a the premium ways to email. Hands on experience is also provided.

Q:Can you please tell me what is taught in the Introduction to Computers course of the online Masters degree program in Physics?

A:The online Masters degree program in Physics has a dedicated initial level course on Introduction to Computers. This 2 credits worth course stresses on making sure that the students have some basic knowledge of the applications of computer literacy as well as word processing database management and also the email compositions and spreadsheets.

Q:What are the contents of the course on College Maths in the online Physics Masters degree programs?

A:The Online Physics Masters Degree Programs have dedicated course on College Mathematics. This course is worth 2 credits in total and is designed to provide students with ample understanding of the more comprehensive reviews of the concepts and skills of mathematics. Students are also highlighted on the different hands on experiences to enhance learning.

Q:What is the premise of the course on Heat and Thermodynamics in online degrees Physics?

A:Online Physics degrees would include a course on Heat and Thermodynamics. Students in this course get an opportunity to learn about the concepts of temperature. This course also guides students in laws of thermodynamics, its applications and an explanation of Kinetic Theory. This course is being offered by a number of accredited institutions on our website. Interested students are advised to have a look.

Q:As I was going through the article on who offers Physics online, there was mention of the course on Social Impact of Technology. What are the contents of this course?

A:It is common to get to read about the course on Social Impacts of Technology while going through the article on who offers Physics online. This course is worth 3 credits in total. The main aim of this course is to provide students with ample understanding of the implications of broader levels that may be caused due to the innovations in technology.

Q:As I was searching on get a Physics degree online, I came across Physic and Society course. What will I be taught in that/

A:It is common to come across various programs and courses you can opt for in search such as get a Physics degree online. There are a number of institutes that offer online degree programs. Physic and Society is an essential part of any of these programs. In this course the students get to study about how the society is effected by the study of physics.

Q:My search on get Physics degree online took me to Technical Physics course. What is taught in that?

A:If you go through search such as get Physics degree online, you come across the reference of various different courses and programs. There are a number of universities and colleges that offer online degree programs and certifications in Physics. In Technical Physics course, the students are familiarized with algebra based and conceptual field of physics.

Q:My search on how to get your degree in Physics led me to General Physics course. What will be taught in that?

A:You will come across the mention of various programs and courses related to Physics if you search on subjects such as how to get your degree in Physics. In General Physics course, which is the most common course included in the program, the students get to study about rotational kinematics and study of classical linear.

Q:My search on graduate level Physics courses online took me to Physics for Science and Engineering course. Can you brief me on it?

A:It is common to come across the reference of various courses and programs you can study if you make search such as graduate level Physics courses online. In Physics for Science and Engineering course, the students get to study about calculus based study of rotational kinematics and classical linear. They are also taught about energy, momentum, impulse and collisions.

Q:Online Colleges With Physics Degrees offer what other specialization areas relevant to this field?

A:Physics degree programs are offered at all levels of education. You can opt for many different specialization areas in the degree program. Most popular specialization areas include the following: quantum physics, physics engineering, nanotechnology, nuclear engineering, computational physics, communication physics, data mining, composite material physics, photovoltaic, space physics, soil physics, and plasma physics.

Q:What are the requirements to enroll in an online physics degree at undergraduate level?

A:To be able to join an undergraduate degree program in physics you should have completed high school education. Secondly your percentage and grade in science courses should be at least 75%. Thirdly your CGPA should not be below 2.0, and you should have sufficient letters of recommendation. These are just the general requirements for physics undergraduate degree; some physics colleges have certain other admission pre requisites.

Q:Can you tell me what kinds of jobs require skill and knowledge of students with On Line Physics Masters degree?

A:There many jobs that can be pursued with graduate degree programs in physics. Such jobs are normally at advanced levels and have greater responsibility as compared to entry level jobs. Equipment technician, installation, field supervision, trouble shooter, engineering, and application of physics principles to solutions, these are a few of the kinds of jobs you may find with a masters degree in physics.

Q:While going through a random search on online degrees in Physics I came across Physic and Society course. Can you tell me more about it?

A:You often come across the reference of various courses and programs relevant to the field in search such as online degrees in Physics. Physics and Society course is one of the core courses included in Physics programs. In this course the students get to study about general physics and its influence on society. The students also get to study about the history of Physics.

Q:What are the contents of the course on Organizational Behavior in the schools that offer online physics degrees?

A:The Schools That Offer Online Physics Degrees in the United States have dedicated course on Organizational Behavior. It is a 2 credits worth course in total. The course is designed to provide students with substantial understanding of the ways in which an organization and the employees working there function. Students are also provided with hands on experience.

Q:Going through search on study a Physics degree online, I got to know about General Physics course. What is it about?

A:You often come across the reference of various courses and programs relevant to the field in search such as study a Physics degree online. General Physics is one of the most common courses included in the programs. In this course the students get to study about electric fields, algebra based formulas, Gauss' law, magnetic forces and fields and capacitance.

Q:What courses will I be expected to take on in my online physics courses?

A:If you have decided to pursue an online physics degree, you need to remember that the experience will be as close to what it could be in a real classroom. Some of the courses you can expect to attend during this degree program are: classical mechanics, electricity and magnetism, and modern physics.

Q:What are my specialization options if I pursue a Physics Online Degree?

A:An online physics degree can allow you a very flexible learning experience. This is not just in terms of schedule but also the fact that you too get to choose your own specialization majors. Some common specializations choices are: solid state physics, fluid dynamics , medical physics, electronics, and biophysics, astrophysics. The area you choose will depend upon your choice of future career and interest level.

Q:Will the best online physics programs help me save on traveling costs?

A:Yes, online education can help you lower your expenses. By enrolling in campus based programs, you will have to travel regularly, attend classes, and also manage book expenses. Whereas online programs allow you to stay home and study without having to go anywhere. This way you can save a huge amount on traveling.

Q:Physics degrees can be earned at what levels of higher education?

A:Physics degrees can be earned at all levels of post-secondary education. You can enroll in the following physics degree programs: associate degree in physics, bachelor degree in physics, master's degree in physics, and doctorate degree in physics. On the other hand, you can also take short courses and certificate programs.

Q:What are my career options with an online physics degrees masters?

A:Online physics degrees programs prepare you for high paying industry jobs in hospital on imaging research to materials research in government or private laboratories. This degree program will allow you to enter management positions, while a doctoral degree will lead you into research and teaching. Some professionals with this degree also end-up in finance and marketing jobs which require knowledge of physical systems and strong quantitative abilities.

Q:I came across the field of astrophysics while searching for master degree in physics online. Can you explain what this is about?

A:Astrophysics is a contemporary research topic in the field of Physics. It is a combination of two different fields, namely, Astronomy and Physics and focuses on the physics of the universe. The objects of study include cosmic microwaves, the interstellar medium, galaxies, stars and planets. It applies fundamental theories of physics to more complex matters and comes up with new models and concepts like Big Bang, cosmic inflation, dark matter and dark energy.

Q:Tell me about the online master degree in physics?

A:Online physics degrees are available at almost all schools and universities and are designed to mimic courses conducted in class as closely as possible. An online physics degree is made up of several core courses like classical mechanics, electricity and magnetism, and modern physics. Multiple choices are available in elective and specializations too, like solid state physics, biophysics, medical physics, electronics, fluid dynamics and astrophysics.

Q:What online university physics degree options can I purse?

A:There are various degree levels that you can pursue according to your current education level. High school graduates can go for a bachelor's degree which takes four years to complete. Advanced degree options include masters and doctoral programs. In addition to this you can also look for various certification programs.

Q:Are there any drawbacks of pursuing online degree programs for physics?

A:Online education is extremely popular no matter which subject you chose to study. It offers flexible study schedule, 24/7 access to class material and is cost effective as well. However, where Physics is concerned the only draw back is that students may face difficulty in arranging practical laboratory work. While online simulations and programming assignments are a great source of learning, yet students of this field need hands on experience to prepare for work in industry.

Q:Tell me about online degree programs in physics and engineering?

A:Physics and engineering degrees are extremely popular among students and that is why colleges offer them not just on-campus but online as well. A simple Bachelors degree in one of these subjects will easily get you an entry level job in the industrial sector. Graduates with this degree can also find employment in hospitals, in imaging research facilities, or even in government or private labs. However, with a master's degree you can opt for more challenging fields and with a Doctorate degree you can enter research and teaching positions.

Q:While searching for all online physics master programs, I came across courses like Atomic Physics and Nuclear Physics. How do they differ?

A:The technical difference between these two branches of physics is that Atomic Physics comprises of the study of atom as a whole involving nucleus and electrons, whereas nuclear physics focuses on the nucleus of the atom. In your physics master's program you will be studying the fission and fusion reactions in these courses, which form the basis of nuclear reactions and weapons.

Q:What is the significance of nuclear physics included in accredited online physics degrees? Are there any examples of practical applications?

A:Nuclear physics affects our daily life and has numerous uses. Its application ranges from medical treatment and diagnosis of various illnesses. Computed axial tomography (CAT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are some of the medical imaging techniques that are derived from research in nuclear physics. It is also applied in national security, space exploration and energy generation.

Q:At what levels are online physics degree accredited available?

A:Online physics degree programs can be earned at almost every level of post-secondary education. One can opt for this scientific principle at associate, bachelor, master, and doctorate level. Certification, diplomas, and other short courses are also being offered online in the field of physics. The admission requirements for each of these programs vary.

Q:How many schools are offering online physics degree near my home?

A:If you want to find out about institutes that are offering online physics degree near your home, you may browse through our website. You can look for online schools on the website by clicking on the 'states' tab. Even if you don't find an online school near your home, it won't make much of a difference as online learning does not require you to physically attend a school.

Q:What topics does an Online Physics Course include?

A:An Online physics course more or less includes the same topics that are covered by students in an on-campus degree program. These topics include basic mechanics, magnetism, modern physics, electricity, solid state physics, medical physics, fluid dynamics, biophysics and astrophysics. On the other hand, online only physics courses may not include laboratory experiments.

Q:What are the admission requirements for Online Physics Masters degree?

A:Admission requirements for an online physics masters degree will vary from school to school. Most universities will require an application form, resume, statement of purpose and transcripts of prior education. These requirements are standardized for online and on-campus degrees. To pursue a master's program the student must hold a bachelor's degree in a related field of study from an institute recognized by regional accreditation agencies.

Q:Can I be a physicist with a Physics Online Course?

A:Physicists study ways in which energy and matter interact. These studies include an in-depth analysis of the nature of the universe and other existential questions. To be a physicist, your physics online course will have to be a PhD or doctorate degree in either physics or astronomy. Physicist had an annual median pay of $106,360 per year and their expected job growth from 2012 to 2022 is 10%.

Q:Can you please tell me about physics courses online?

A:Physics courses are being offered by many online schools. Individuals can pursue this major at undergraduate and graduate level. The coursework will entail a range of theory based subjects and practical contents. Students will acquire a thorough understanding of the principles of physics, main laws of physics, and various theories.

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