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Science Degrees

Science degrees are designed to help students pursue a wide array of career choices. As Science constitutes various disciplines, students with different career goals can pursue degree program according to their personal interest and establish a rewarding career. They can enroll in degree programs such as biology, physics, biotechnology, chemistry and environmental science. Earning Science degrees allows learners to become teachers, researchers, veterinarians, science writers or environmental scientists. There are various other professions that they can pursue depending on their individual interest. Online Science degrees are also available for learners who cannot manage to enroll in regular degree programs. The elearning courses are based on lot of flexibility. These programs are particularly very suitable for the working professionals who want to get into this field or healthcare professionals seeking to give a boost to their career.

Science degrees include associate, bachelor, master's and PhD programs. An associate's degree in this concentration can be completed in 2 years while bachelor's programs span over 4 years. Masters programs take 1-2 years to complete. PhD degree programs can be completed in 4-6 years. Students who enroll in online Science degrees can earn these degrees at their own pace.

There are various courses covered in Science degrees. The exact coursework is determined by the degree level and the area in which students opt to focus their studies. For example, the ones who take biology will get to study courses like anatomy, plant biology and animal physiology. Biotechnology programs comprise courses such as biological computation, food biotechnology and more. Those who enroll in chemistry degrees will study molecules, nanoscience chemistry and biological chemistry. In the same way, the aspiring environmental science students will get to study the causes of pollution, ways to prevent it etc.

Students who earn Science degrees can find lucrative job opportunities. Depending on their area of specialty, they can work as researchers, geologists or physicists. They can also find employment as teachers, veterinarians or/and science writers. Science professionals can earn $67,000 to $106,716 on an annual basis.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Which careers can be pursued with Online Science Degrees?

A:Students with online science degrees can make a successful breakthrough in various areas. The popular job titles include: surgeons, researchers, doctors, anthropologists, space scientists or pathologist. The career path is mainly determined by the students' area of specialization and the level of degree pursued.

Q:Name a few accredited online schools offering Science Degrees to students?

A:There are many different types of science degrees that can be pursued through accredited online schools. Top schools include University of Maryland online, Walden University Carnegie Mellon University, University of California- Berkeley, American College of Education, American Intercontinental University, Bellevue University, Baker College, Bryant and Stratton College, and Capella University.

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