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Post Grad Certificates in Science and Math

Science and math programs entail a variety of degrees and certificates. These disciplines are generally grouped together and the courses are inter-related as well. Some of the popular degrees in science and math are computer science, mathematics, geology, physics, biology, and chemistry.

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Mathematics is at the core of many of our advancements in technology, science and engineering. Math also provides essential problem-solving and decision-making tools to be used in various sectors. The demand for professionals with science and math skills is soaring. Being a pharmacist is one of the top-paying jobs in America, according to CNN Money. In the same way, the employment opportunities for biomedical engineers are projected to grow by 62% from 2010-20. The career outlook for students with a specialization in nanotechnology is also very positive. This is why acquiring an education in math and science can be a smart choice that can create several job opportunities.

Students can pursue associate, bachelor and master’s degrees. Certificate programs are also offered in various science and math-related fields. The programs cover theory as well as practical applications. Students interested in a field related to these areas can also choose a specialty such as nanotechnology, astrophysics or solid state physics to name a few.


The coursework in science and math degrees varies by the area of specialization. In general, the curriculum may include topics such as algorithms, complex variables, methods of applied statistics and linear programming.

Post Grad Certificates in Science and Math

The grad certificates in science and math are designed for scientists and engineers with an interest in mathematics. The programs are also useful for mathematicians. Pursuing this certificate will help students build on the knowledge and skills that they acquired at undergraduate level. Students in this program will get a chance to understand the advanced concepts and apply the mathematical concepts they learnt. They will also be able to put to use a variety of advanced mathematical concepts and techniques.

To pursue this program, candidates must hold a bachelor’s degree. Other requirements may vary by school. In addition to regular schools, students can also pursue these programs online. Distance learning programs can be highly suitable for those of you who want to gain valuable credentials alongside their professional experience, as you can attend classes remotely and study at timings that suit your personal routine.

Career Prospects

Each degree in science and math leads students to a particular line of work. Some of the career paths in these fields include becoming a pharmacist, teacher, computer technician and engineer. Employment opportunities are available in a variety of industries such as public health and safety, criminal justice, telecommunications, education, information technology and pharmaceutical. The compensation is subject to location, level of degree and specialty area.

Finding a School

Students should look for the top schools to pursue a degree or certificate in math and science. They should enroll in programs offered at accredited schools so that they can benefit from quality education and obtain the required credentials.

You should do comparisons between the various post grad and other programs in math and science on offer, especially with regards to the different courses and on the basis of their duration, fee, learning outcomes and other factors.

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