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Generations in the past went to great lengths to convey their culture. It is perhaps a tradition where every generation passes the torch to the next one. History gives future generations an opportunity to understand cultures, decisions and important discoveries of an era. This serves as clues for future generations and helps them improve their present and future. This wisdom has been passed down generations and when ignored, results in a lost civilization.Technological advancements have helped people admire and learn important lessons from the past. Easy accessibility of information has helped people take an active interest in subjects which were considered tedious. This is one of the main reasons for students from all over the United States opting for history certificate programs.

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History Certifications
Certificate in History is an integral part of every institutions academic program. These programs are specifically designed to generate interest and promote critical thinking amongst the younger generation. And with the introduction of distance learning programs this education is not limited to the young anymore.
Online Education
Distance Learning or online education is an excellent opportunity for individuals who cannot attend traditional campus based classes for any number of reasons. The curriculum for these programs is extensive with every era and period in history discussed in detail. Students get a chance to study at their own pace without having to worry about deadlines.
Online Program Requirements
Students are required to submit assignments and coursework periodically. Online programs allow students to stay in touch with their instructor via e mail. One on one tutoring over the internet is also available for students looking for extra guidance. Basic requirements for this course are as follows
·  Computer with internet accessibility
·  A valid e mail address for correspondence with the instructor
·  Software to play videos (Java)
·  Sufficient hard disk space for storage
Industry Outlook
The future in history is promising. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics estimates an increase of more than 12% till the year 2018.Professionals with certificate of history can expect to earn  somewhere in the range of $55,000 per year. This figure relies heavily on experience and area of expertise.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Give an overview of a Graduate Certificate in History?

A:A Graduate Certificate In History is a 18 credit hour program designed for students who wish to acquire advanced knowledge and training in this field. This certificate can only be acquired after graduate level education. The program can be specialized in areas such as European history, American history, and modern history.

Q:Why should I earn a Certificate In History?

A:A certificate program in history is an excellent way to increase your job potentials. The certificate is an extra credential to you existing qualifications. You can go for high paying careers in history with a certificate program. Many employers prefer hiring certified individuals. You can pursue great careers such as teaching, researcher, and heritage conservatives.

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