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Bachelor in History

Pursuing history education can be a great option for the ones who are interested in exploring the ancient civilizations, their cultures and actions. There are scores of jobs for students with a degree in this area of study. According to statistics, jobs for historians are expected to grow considerably during the next decade. This is why enrolling in a history degree can be a smart choice to pursue a lucrative career.

A number of academic programs are offered in this field of study. These include associate, bachelor's as well as master's degrees. These programs are available through various regular and online schools. The type of program students should enroll in depends on their individual career objectives.

History Bachelors Degree Program
The bachelor's degree in history is a 4 year undergraduate program that provides learners with a well-rounded education in this field. This interdisciplinary degree helps students understand the development of human society and the economic, social, and cultural issues that influence the contemporary world. Depending on their personal choice, students can select either the U.S or world as their specialty area in this program.

Students interested in enrolling in bachelor program in history need to have a high school diploma or GED. Other requirements for admissions may vary by school.
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Coursework in History Bachelor's Degree
The coursework in the bachelor's degree in history entails the historical and comparative study of contexts, texts and practices. The program also focuses on the natural and social sciences. Some of the courses students can obtain in this program include world civilization, American history, human geography and research methods in history. The program also provides instruction in world literature, American civilization, humanities and social science.

Career Prospects
A degree in history can lead you to a wide array of exciting ad lucrative opportunities. As jobs for individuals with a degree in history are expected to grow about as fast as the average of other occupations, a career in this field can certainly be a valuable line of work.

With a bachelor's degree in this discipline, you can choose to become a history teacher, archivist, archeologist or historian. In addition, you can also pursue a career as a librarian, tour guide, researcher, heritage conservationist or bibliographer.

The salary of individuals with degrees in history varies by their qualification, location, job type and experience. On average, they can make between $40,000 and $80,000 a year.

Bachelor's in History Online
A number of distance learning schools offer history programs, allowing learners to study from the comfort to their home. These programs are particularly designed for individuals interested in pursuing careers in history but not being able to manage regular classes.

Students in the online programs cover the same coursework as offered in regular bachelor's degrees but the classes are conducted remotely over the internet. A number of learning technologies are used for this purpose. These include chat forums, emails, video conferencing etc. that help learners participate in group discussions, interact with instructors and submit assignments from any location. The online programs are not only flexible but also more affordable compared to regular academic programs.


Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What courses are included in a bachelor degree in history?

A:A bachelors degree in history typically has a duration of four years and a credit hour requirement of 124-126. The curriculum of a bachelor degree in history comprises of many courses such as the following: world civilization, human geography, world literature, critical thinking, American history, humanities, research methods in history, social science, and American civilization.

Q:Can you name a few high paying history careers that I can look forward to with a Bachelor In History degree?

A:A bachelor in history degree program is a undergraduate degree program with core emphasis on the area of history. The degree will lead to great paying careers such as the following: teaching, archivist, historian, librarian, archeologist, museum curator, researcher/advisor in federal agencies, heritage conservationist, editor/writer, bibliographer, tour guide, and more.

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