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Doctoral in General Education

Doctoral in General Education
Schools play an integral role in shaping and reshaping of students, their personalities, characters, and thinking, through a dynamic learning environment concentrating on general education subjects such as English, Mathematics, History, etc. It is essential for the overall efficient growth of the country that its schools are dedicated to imparting quality learning to the students. A doctoral in general education program trains teachers and administrators of schools in improving, implementing, and managing the entire education experience.

Scope of General Education Doctoral Programs
A doctoral of general education program is designed for guiding the school administrators and policy makers related to general education for implementing better policies. While pursuing a doctorate in general education, people can specialize in teaching, educational leadership, education policy, etc. Some schools also offer a doctoral in general education program with a focus on psychological perspectives of education. Such a program prepares people for adopting counseling positions in schools for helping students in dealing with issues related to school and learning. Nowadays, many general education doctoral programs are being offered online; hence, teachers and school administrators can enhance their education without leaving their current jobs.

A doctoral in general education program prepares students for leadership and policy making positions in the field of general education. The following areas of study are usually a part of the curriculum:

  • Education in a Diverse Society
  • Statistical Analysis and Educational Research
  • Global Perspectives in Education
  • School Management
  • Leadership
  • Human Resource Administration
  • Emerging Instructional Technologies
Career Prospects
People with a doctoral in general education are prepared for organizing, managing, and leading schools that impart general education. The degree requires people with an innate leadership sense and a passion for improving the education system. Armed with a quality doctorate in general education, they can find jobs as school administrators and principals in junior, middle, or high schools. They can also join government organizations and work to improve the entire education process of the country through better policies. The average salary earned by school administrators is $83,880.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Going through search on Doctoral in General Education, I got to know about Library Skills course. What is it about?

A:You often come across the reference of various courses and programs relevant to the field when going through search such as Doctoral in General Education. Library Skills course is among the most common courses relevant to the General Education programs. In this course, the students are taught how to use academic libraries and conduct research.

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