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What Can You Do With A General Studies Degree?

The days when a high school diploma was all you needed to find work at a fortune 500 company are long gone - these days, a college education is an absolute must for most respectable, well-paying jobs. Several colleges have started offering the Bachelor in General Education degree which allows students to essentially build up their own curriculum in order to meet the goals for a certain profession. Some colleges also offer General Education programs specially designed for those who wish to work in the education industry. Graduates of General Education Bachelor Programs have a wide set of skills and comprehensive knowledge in several subject areas, making them an excellent choice in virtually every field of work.

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In order to enroll in a Bachelor in General Education degree, applicants must be high school graduates or have a GED. They may also need to pass a college admission test. A Bachelor of General Education prepares students to apply their intellectual and interpersonal skills in new settings to address complex problems, and can be obtained in three to four years. The degree starts off with courses in English, Written and Oral Communication Techniques, Fine Arts, Humanities, Natural Sciences, Behavioral or Social Sciences and Computer Literacy. Students may also take courses in Elementary or Adult Education, Education Leadership, Curriculum Planning and Development and Assessment Strategies. The Bachelor of General Education also offers specializations in Child Development, Criminal Justice, General Business, Gerontology, Political Studies and Hotel Management.

The Bachelor in General Education can open up exciting opportunities in the fields of education, healthcare, management and sales. It can also serve as a bridge to numerous graduate programs in areas such as teaching and business administration. Graduates of General Education Bachelor Programs can expect to find work as teaching assistants, curriculum planners, school administrators, office managers, sales and retail specialists, healthcare administration workers, law enforcement officers, public relations specialists, counselors and social workers. All in all, the Bachelor of General Education degree is a great way to get a broad-based education and develop a valuable skill set that can be drawn upon for the rest of your life.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:My search on Bachelor in General Education took me to Logic/Critical Reasoning course. Can you tell me further about it?

A:You often come across the reference of various courses and programs relevant to the field when going through search such as Bachelor Ii General Education. Logic/Critical Reasoning course is among the most common courses included in General Education programs. In this course the students get to study about logical thinking and critical reasoning.

Q:Are bachelors in general education available online as well?

A:Degree programs in education are available online as well. There are many popular and accredited schools that have started offering degree programs online. You can search online to find out which schools are currently offering education degrees. Also take a look at our page for more information about education degrees.

Q:What are the specializations offered in bachelor of general education?

A:There are a variety of specializations offered in Bachelors of general education program. Students get to specialize in areas such as Child Development, Criminal Justice, General Business, Political studies, Gerontology, Hotel management and so forth. A variety of specializations give students a broad based education and skill set that proves helpful in many walks of life.

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