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Associate in General Education

General Education programs provide students with the knowledge of a wide variety of subjects. These programs are suitable for learners who are not really sure which area they should opt to specialize in. With General Education degree, students can equip themselves with a wide array of concentrations such as English, science, history and more. Learners can enroll in associate or bachelor's degree program in this field and pursue a career within a field of their choice.

Associate in General Education Program

An Associate in General Education degree is a 2 year program that enable student to learn about various disciplines. These programs are offered by both distance learning and regular schools. Earning this degree enable students to widen their knowledge and become well rounded persons. General Education Associate programs over the internet are ideal for those who want to earn these degrees from the comfort of their own home. Other than flexibility, the distance learning programs are also a great option for those who have limited financial resources.

Admission Requirements
Learners who wish to enroll in Associate in General Education need to have a high school diploma or GED. Other requirements for admission may vary by school.

Program Coursework
Curriculum in Associate of General Education degree includes humanities, English composition, general psychology, public speaking, music appreciation, art history as well as theatre/film. Students also study history, geography, developmental psychology, astronomy, mathematics and computers. By going through this curriculum, learners will be able to improve their communication skills, have an idea of human behavior, become familiar with various fields of art and also have a basic knowledge of an assortment of fields.

Career Prospects for Students with Associate of General Education
Students with Associate in General Education degrees can find jobs in a wide array of fields. However, as this degree does not prepare one for a specific career, the job opportunities as well as the salary for these students greatly vary. Generally, students with Associate in General Education degree can earn $27,500 to $35,000 on an annual basis.

How Long Does It Take to Complete an Associate in General Education?

There are many schools, such as the National University, the Johnston Community College, Harper College and the Arkansas State University, that are offering an Associate in General Education. This program can be completed in 2 years. It offers students the opportunity to study a wide range of courses, such as mathematics, social science, philosophy, fine arts, languages and literature, at the undergraduate level. Both on-campus and online classes are being offered to students.

What Are the Requirements to Complete an Associate in General Education?

In order to obtain an Associate in General Education, students are expected to complete around 60 credits. They are required to study modules such as World Religions, Social Psychology, Calculus, Computer Literacy, British Literature, Film Studies, Cultural Anthropology, and International Relations. If you wish to acquire a broad education instead of studying a particular college major, then this program is ideal for you.

How Much Can I Make after Completing an Associate in General Education?

After completing the Associate in General Education, individuals can pursue their careers in a wide variety of fields including Communications, Human Services, Journalism, Counseling, Higher Education, Social Work, and Human Resources. Since this degree does not prepare students for one specific field, their salary and job prospects greatly vary. How much an individual earns after completing this degree depends upon his/her field of work, aptitude, industry and choice of college.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:While going through search on Associate in General Education I got to know about School Resources course. Can you tell me its details?

A:It is common to come across the reference of various courses and programs relevant to the field while going through search such as Associate in General Education. School Resources course is included in a number of programs related to Child Education. In this course the students taught about the instructional media used in classrooms.

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