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Career in Criminal Justice

Criminal justice alone can be the difference between perfect harmony and rampant chaos. Throughout history, every society has had some form of a criminal justice system in place. This not only helps in social control by prosecuting offenders but also helps in rehabilitating them. Criminal Justice careers are specifically for professionals who feel strongly about upholding the law and helping convicts join society as productive members. The criminal justice system in the United States is divided into policing, courts and correctional departments. All of these departments are related to each other at both local and federal level and employ thousands of professionals. With the Bureau of Labor and Statistics estimating an increase of 9% in the coming years, career in Criminal Justice can be both lucrative and challenging.

One of the biggest misconceptions about jobs in Criminal Justice field is that they are all with the federal government. There is a huge demand for criminal justice professionals in the private sector as well. Professionals with qualifications in Sociology and Psychology can find themselves employed as social workers and counselors for private organizations. Students interested in pursuing a career in Criminal Justice have a number of areas of studies to choose from. Programs range from forensic science to law enforcement and management. Criminal justice is one of the few professions that is diverse and has enormous potential for growth. Prospective students interested in this profession are recommended to extensively research both the institution and the program for accreditations before enrollment.   

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