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How to Get A Job With High Security Clearance

There are an increasing number of jobs available that require a high security clearance. Many of these are government or military jobs that involve working with highly classified information. A growing number of private sector jobs are also looking for individuals with a high security clearance, in order to protect important company information.

The first jobs you might think of that requires a high security clearance includeworking for the FBI or the CIA. Another growing field is the Department of Homeland Security, which can include airport and maritime security, border patrol, or counterintelligence. There are many other jobs requiring a high security clearance that you might not immediately think of. Defense contractors that manufacture military weapons or vehicles provide a large number of these jobs in the private sector. There are also jobs involved in the telecommunications, financial, computer, medical, and educational fields that may require a high security clearance.

Due to the wide array of positions available that require a high security clearance, there are many degree programs you could choose to focus on in pursuing one of these jobs. Also, the military provides a great foundation to individuals interested in one of these careers, and many military members transition into these jobs once done with their military careers. If the military is the not the right starting point for you, there are colleges and universities that offer degree programs to help you get started.

A criminal justice degree may provide the background you need in order to qualify for a job with high security clearance, and some criminal justice programs now specialize in homeland security. Computer forensics and cyber security are also degree programs that could be useful in pursuing work with the CIA, FBI, NSA.  Forensic science is another useful degree that could help you in entering one of these agencies.

Some other fields of study to consider are engineering, linguistics, criminal psychology, or even finance, but this could depend on the specific high security clearance job you are wishing to enter. A bachelor’s degree is usually required for a high security clearance position, and it is important to maintain a high GPA. Obviously, a criminal record would be highly detrimental to pursuing security clearance, as it is important to demonstrate a history of honesty, integrity, good character, and excellence in everything you do.

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