Public Safety Careers

While there are careers in public safety & security available in pretty much any sector, some of the more common ones are:

  • Educational institutions particularly primary, middle and high schools
  • Government
  • The Police
  • Firefighting
  • Counter-Terrorism

Counter-terrorism has assumed an increasing significance in today’s world that faces growing threats of unpredictable terrorist activity. Educational institutions rely on professionals trained for careers in public safety & security to not only keep them safe from outside threats and hazards, but also to provide training to students on how to keep themselves safe.

Educational program that help in careers in public safety & security
You can choose from a number of degree programs in public safety & security. Sometimes institutions are more likely to offer programs in civics or security management. The important thing is to ensure that you take a balanced range of courses in health, education and managing security.

Top jobs for those interested in careers in public safety & security
The top jobs for those who seek careers in public safety & security tend to be in the government sector which takes major responsibility for protecting the citizens of the state. Given the growing concern over terrorist threats such as timed attacks, there are jobs available for those professionals trained in dealing with terrorist threats including identifying risks, negotiating with terrorists and evacuating areas in anticipation of attacks.

Specializations available to those who want careers in public safety & security
There are many specializations available to those who seek careers in public safety & security. One of the most popular concentrations is computer based safety and security. Those who want careers in public safety & security should consider options in cyberspace. There are online security threats in many forms. There are people looking to conduct illicit transactions online after stealing credit card information. There are also online cases of pedophiles and human traffickers. There are thus careers in public safety & security for those who wish to work in agencies that regulate online activity to protect people from harm.

Other popular specializations for careers in public safety & security include construction and design for safety. Modern day buildings need to be designed to be as safe from external attack as possible. They also need precautions against hazards like smoke and fire. People who are trained in these skills are in high demand in industry.

Information on salaries for careers in public safety & security

Careers in public safety & security are ideal for those concerned citizens who seek to play a role in ensuring a secure future for the union. Careers in public safety & security require a mix of technical knowledge and personal qualities. According to information provided by O*NET, there a re a number of career options in public safety and security and so the wages vary accordingly. For instance, where police patrol officers have a median wage of $56,810, information security analysts have a median annual wage of $88,890, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics as of May 2014. There are chances for advancement as you continue to demonstrate skill over the course of your career. With the growing population of the world and increasing sources of danger to health and security, you can expect a growth rate of up to 9% in certain careers in public safety and 20-25% in others & security.

How Long Does It Take to Complete a Degree in Public Safety?

Those who wish to build a career in Public Health/Safety should begin with a bachelor’s degree in Public Safety. The field of Public Health/Safety includes various subjects e.g., Law Enforcement Intelligence, Crime Scene Investigation and Law Enforcement Operations, etc. Several universities like the Cleveland State University, the Keiser University and the Florida State University  offer a 4-year bachelor’s, a 2-year master’s and a 4 to 5-year doctoral degree in Public Health, Safety Administration, Management or similar subjects. 

What Are the Requirements to Complete a Degree in Public Safety?

The requirements to complete a degree in Public Safety vary for each university and the level of chosen degree. For instance, students of the bachelor’s degree in Public Safety Management offered at the Cleveland State University are required to complete 120 credit hours to graduate. On the other hand, students of the bachelor’s degree in Public Safety Administration offered at the Florida Atlantic University must complete 60 credit hours to graduate.

How Much Can I Make after Completing a Degree in Public Safety?

In 2018, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the annual median salaries of the following professions as:


Median Salary


$49,620 per year

Police and Detectives

$63,380 per year

Detectives and Criminal Investigators

$81,920 per year

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Which areas can I get jobs in education safety security?

A:The jobs in the education safety security are found in the following demanding areas, Educational institutions particularly primary, middle and high schools. Other than this, there are a lot of opportunities in areas like, government, the police, firefighting and counter-terrorism.

Q:My search for what jobs for a public safety and security degree mentioned distance learning programs. What are the advantages?

A:Online education would be mentioned when looking for what jobs for a public safety and security degree. One of the biggest advantages of distance learning program is that it gives students an opportunity to study at their own convenience. This education is relatively inexpensive as students save money on travel and accommodation. This is particularly beneficial for individuals who are already working and are looking to improve their resume.

Q:Can you give me some information about careers in public safety?

A:Public safety management careers are becoming leading career choices nowadays. These can be initiated in a number of organizations, ranging from probation offices to parole agencies, and from fire service department to hospitals. Professionals in this field are required to maintain safety of the public, address any safety concerns, and manage emergency situations.

Q:With a homeland security degree, can I apply for school safety security jobs?

A:Yes, with a degree in homeland security, you can apply for a number of school safety security job positions. The level of job will depend upon your qualifications and skills. The demand for security personnel in this particular area has surged in recent years. School safety officer, campus safety officer, safety supervisor, investigative officer, and safety plan director are some of the most common job positions you can apply for.

Q:Can you give me some detailed information about department of public safety careers?

A:The department of public safety is local agency in the United States that assists other bodies I providing financial, technical, and administrative services for public functions. Individuals can pursue a wide range of careers in this field. From administrative job positions to technical job positions, there are plenty of careers to look forward to.

Q:Can you tell me about the specializations available in law, public safety, corrections, and security?

A:A number of specializations are available for individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in public safety and security. One popular area of specialization is computer based safety and managing online security. Other well liked specializations include construction and design for safety and counter terrorism. Students can work in both public and private sector after specializing in these fields.

Q:What subjects will I study in a public safety and security management degree?

A:A public safety and security management degree will entail a number of subjects such as the following: composition, diversity in society, intermediate algebra, applied information technology, management foundations, introduction to business, homeland security, emergency preparedness, and more. Each of these areas will emphasize on a unique facet of the field and will cover various theoretical issues.

Q:How can I prepare for the best jobs in public safety?

A:To qualify for the best jobs in public safety, one must earn a degree in this field and develop a great skill set. Public safety degree programs are offered by a number of accredited colleges and universities. Students can go for degree programs at associate, bachelor, masters, and doctorate level. The basic aim of public safety degrees is to provide students with in-depth information about this area.

Q:What can you tell me about careers in justice and public safety administration?

A:There are a number of high paying careers in justice and public safety administration. This sector deals with the financial, administrative, and technical aspects of public services. One can apply for jobs in the administration department of various law enforcement agencies such as police, border patrol, education, and other federal firms.

Q:How can I prepare for careers in public safety and security?

A:You will need to earn at least a bachelor degree in public safety and security. Many colleges are offering degree programs and short courses in this academic field. The program will provide you with in-depth understanding of the field, and will also help you develop necessary skills need in public safety jobs. A master's degree will qualify you for more advanced level job positions.

Q:Safety and security jobs fall in which categories?

A:Safety and security jobs fall in the category of criminal justice careers. Homeland security, border patrol security, and the police force are the leading agencies which manage security and enforce law. You can earn a degree in this field and apply for security job positions in any law enforcement agency. The eligibility criteria may vary from agency to agency.

Q:what are some public safety positions?

A:Public safety positions consist of being a police or security officer, an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) or firefighter among various other career opportunities. These are classic examples but there are support and administrative positions related to these careers and others that generally help provide safety and security to the nation's citizens.

Q:What skills do I need to have for public safety careers?

A:Aside from educational requirements, careers in public safety require; communication skills, analytical skills, business writing skills, decision making skills and problem solving skills. These skills will enable you to be a rational thinker in matters of importance and urgency. Careers in public safety also require patience and adaptability to changing situations.

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