Doctoral in Public Safety and Security

Overview of the field
Public safety and security is an inter-disciplinary field incorporating crisis management, forensics, policing and crime prevention

Structure and duration of the degree program
A Doctoral of Public Safety & Security can be usually completed within five years. However, the exact duration depends on the institute the student is enrolled with. The structure of the degree usually includes comprehensive research leading to a dissertation at the conclusion of the program. Besides comprehensive examination, the program also requires fieldwork experience.

Highlights of the coursework
A Doctoral of Public Safety & Security is the terminal degree and incorporates a number of other disciplines. The coursework may include leadership and organizational change, organized crime and prevention, crime history, government and public policy, criminal law and policy review in criminal justice system.  

Admission criteria and graduation requirements
For admission into a Doctorate in Public Safety & Security degree program, the student usually needs to have a Master in Public Safety & Security or in related fields, such as Public Safety Leadership or Administration, Emergency Management, Security and Safety Leadership.

Career prospects and average salary
The Public Safety & Security trains individuals to be a step ahead of criminals and terrorists by using technology to effectively manage possible emergency situations and effectively respond to them. In today’s world, the field offers a prudent approach to tackling possible security issues and many public and private organizations hire trained workforce. With a doctorate, you are eligible to work as an emergency response director or a corporate security director. You may also join the police force or the anti-terrorists task force. According to O*NET, the median salary for professionals working as security managers in this sector is $100,890.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:How long is the Doctorate in public safety security program?

A:The Doctorate of Public Safety security program is usually of around 5 years. This may vary depending on the type of program opted for. Also, some universities offer exemptions which can be quite helpful in shortening the duration.

Q:What is included in the coursework of Doctorate Safety and Security?

A:The Doctorate of the Safety and Security coursework consist of courses like the leadership and organizational change, organized crime and prevention, crime history, government and public policy, criminal law and policy review in criminal justice system.

Q:How many credits are there in the Public Safety Doctorate program?

A:The Public Safety Doctorate credits vary from program to program. They can be of 54 to 120 credits.

Q:Are there any online PhD programs in Corporate Security?

A:There are several online doctoral programs offered with public security specializations. Here is a list of such degree programs being offered online for you to make an easy quick choice. You can choose from the Ph.D. in Public Safety Management, Ph.D. in Terrorism, Mediation and Peace, Ph.D. in Local Government Management for Sustainable Communities, and Doctoral in Public Safety Leadership.

Q:Can you tell me about the coursework in PhD public safety emergency management?

A:PhD public safety emergency management is designed to create scholar-practitioners with knowledge and skills to manage emergency organizations. The courses offered in PhD public safety emergency management can vary in different institutes. However, the general coursework includes case studies of explosive incidents, the National Incident Management System (NIMS), and doctoral research to excel in the field of emergency management.

Q:What will be the benefits of pursuing online public safety PhD programs?

A:Online public safety PhD programs can be much more flexible and convenient when compared to the on campus programs. You will have the opportunity to make your own schedule and learn at your own pace. Besides, online programs are a cost effective option as you do not incur travelling, hostel accommodation, or textbook costs.

Q:Can I do an online doctoral in public safety and security?

A:Yes, you can. There are many universities in the US that are now offering online doctoral in public safety and security. With an online doctoral in public safety and security you can save on the cost of tuition as well as living costs associated with on-campus course of studies. Also, with an online degree you can either accelerate or slow down the coursework based on your personal requirements.

Q:What documents will I have to submit for entrance into the public safety and security doctoral programs?

A:For entrance into a public safety and security doctoral program you need to have completed a master's degree in a related field of study such as criminal justice or public safety. Along with this you will need to provide copies of you resume, letter of recommendation and official transcripts from your previous studies. A filled and completed application form used by school will need to be provided as well. These documents can be submitted online in most cases.

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