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What is public safety & security?
Public safety & security programs provide training on how to maintain a sense of law and order in society. It caters to the needs of police officials, security guards and safety professionals who work in all sorts of sectors such as schools, hospitals, hotels and restaurants. Practices in public safety & security derived from case studies and past experiences. Those who have training in this discipline have the skills to plan security for major events and individuals. They are also involved in routine inspections at cafeterias and cafes to ensure that standards of hygiene are being met.

Public safety & security includes the growing threat of terrorism. Those who study public safety & security are provided sufficient training to identity potential targets and evacuate areas in the case of threats.

Public safety & security also covers online threats. In the modern world, we may encounter identity theft and credit card number theft online. Public safety & security programs train people to regulate online behavior and identify troublemakers before they can cause any harm.

What are the most commonly offered online degrees related to public safety & security?
A number of specialized degrees are available in public safety & security. A bachelor’s degree in public safety & security is generally a broad introduction to the kinds of issues you may face in the line of public safety & security. A master’s degree is ideal if you are looking for more practical experience in preparation for the job market. Certificate programs might be the best fit for those who already have substantial work experience in public safety & security and are just looking to polish their skills in search of a position of more responsibility.

Specializations available in public safety & security
The bachelor’s degree in public safety & security attempts to be broad enough to encompass all kinds of situations of public safety & security you are likely to encounter. Specializations are available for those students who pursue a masters’ degree or a certificate program. Popular specializations include public safety & security in cyberspace which provides training on managing online security. Another common specialization is in counter terrorism which provides training on dealing with emergency situations including negotiation, evacuation and identification of potential targets.
Career opportunities and salary path for public safety & security
The career opportunities for those who study public safety & security abound in the private and public sector. Public sector jobs include working as security professionals in the police and for government agencies. You may be involved in designing security plans for major events and the travel of political figures. You may also be involved in planning to deal with calamities and hazards like floods and fire.

Private sector opportunities include working as bodyguards and security personnel for individuals. Many private firms are also keen to hire professionals to manage all aspects of security including attempts to incorporate technology into the planning. Salaries in the field can rise rapidly with work experience and skills.  

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Can you name a few institutions offering public safety & security programs?

A:Various institutes listed on our website offer degree programs in public safety & security. These programs are offered at bachelor, master and doctoral levels. The well reputed institutes offering these degree programs are Bellevue University, Walden University, Anna Maria College, Kaplan University Lewis University, and South University.

Q:Which is the most sought after program amongst the online Public Safety Security degrees?

A:Online Public Safety Security degrees are offered in various programs. However, the most sought after degree is the Masters in Public Safety and Security. The Master's program offers comprehensive theoretical coursework paired with practical application in the form of internship or apprenticeship. The program is for two years. The online students can take as long as they want and complete the degree at their own pace.

Q:What important courses are included in Public Safety Security Degrees?

A:There are a number of courses included in Public Safety Security Degrees. These include: communications, criminal justice, public administration, public policy, health administration and heath sciences, hazardous materials management, fire safety, environmental and wildlife management, occupational health and safety, public policy, response to disasters. This degree leads to a number of diverse public safety careers.

Q:As I read about the jobs you can get with a degree in public safety, there was mention of the course on College Algebra. What are the contents of this course?

A:It is common to get to read about the course on College Algebra while going through the article on Jobs You Can Get With a Degree in Public Safety. This course is worth 4 credits in total and it is designed to provide the students with comprehensive info on college level algebra which can be used in the career as well as vocationally.

Q:While looking at some local literature on safety and security, I came across institutions involved. What government organizations are involved in this?

A:Government institutions involved in public safety and security are Federal Ministry, Ministry of Interior, Federal Crime Investigation Department, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Federal Customs and Border Administration, Federal Emergency Management Agency and Federal Agency for Technical Relief. All of these departments are directly responsible in case of a public safety and security threat.

Q:Public safety and security degrees are offered at what levels of post-secondary education?

A:Public safety and security degree programs are offered at almost every level of post-secondary education. You can choose from the following degree levels: associate degree in Public safety and security, bachelor degree in Public safety and security, masters degree in Public safety and security, and doctorate degree in Public safety and security. It is also possible to pursue certifications in this field.

Q:How are online public safety and security degrees covered?

A:Online degree programs are available in almost every academic field. Students can study online with the help of videos, online lectures, classroom conferencing, tutorials, slideshows, and more. This mode of learning is extremely efficient, flexible, cost effective, and convenient. You can search through our page to learn more about online public safety and security degrees.

Q:What careers can I have after a bachelor's Public Safety Degree?

A:With a public safety degree, you can work as a occupational health and safety specialist. They analyze various work environments and procedures to ensure that they are meeting safety standards and protocol set by the government. They had an annual median pay of $66,790 in 2012 and their expected job growth from 2012 to 2022 is 7%.

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