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Humanities: A diverse field
Humanities or social sciences is a part of liberal arts and consists of the study of languages, history, literature, art, philosophy, politics, sociology, music, and religion. A humanities degree develops independent learning, research skills, writing and speaking skills and allows students to develop analytical and critical thinking abilities to tackle various problems. By studying subjects such as history, languages, art and literature a person gains an understanding of how cultures around the world function and develops a cultural sensitivity to appreciate traditions in various places. Fields such as music and literature develop a person’s creative abilities and give them the ability to think independently while at the same time developing their aesthetic abilities and perspective of understanding various events taking place around the world. An education in social sciences or humanities provides students with a diverse education and fosters numerous abilities which are becoming critical in the work place today. Students develop a degree of discipline, perspective and ethics which makes them more attractive to employers. Virtually every field from medicine to journalism to law is open to students who have taken humanities courses in college.

Programs offered
The Humanities department is one of the basic building blocks of every college, making it extremely easy for students to get this degree wherever they live. Students can choose between a 2-year associate’s degree, 4-year bachelor’s degree and a 2-year master’s degree. Throughout the Unites States the associate’s degree in humanities is immensely popular due to the wide range of subjects available and due to the exposure it gives to students, which helps them develop a deep understanding of the world and how we live in it. Following an associate’s degree in humanities, students go on to take further education that enables them to make successful careers in the education, law, fashion, journalism, and management fields across the country. With the increasing number of students now taking humanities courses, colleges such as the University of Phoenix, Kaplan University and Walden University are now offering online humanities courses. Online courses have the added advantage of following the ‘your place, your pace’ principle – students can study from any place at a rate that is comfortable to them. There are no stringent time limits as to when a course must be completed. This makes online programs ideal for working professionals who wish to bolster their qualifications as well as students who are taking on-campus classes. Additionally studying in an online program makes students familiar with using digital technology for various purposes, which is a major reason why graduates of online humanities courses are preferred by employers.

What do I do with a humanities degree?
Upon the completion of humanities courses, graduates find a diverse number of opportunities. Students can go on to complete a master’s degree in humanities and start a highly rewarding career as a humanities courses instructor in the growing education sector. Humanities courses also offer you the opportunity to become part of the music industry as a composer or reviewer. Art lovers may find exciting opportunities in museums and galleries whereas students inclined toward the study of ancient cultures and society may find rewarding careers as historians. As modern means of communication and transportation turn our world into a village and trade increases between countries, the importance of languages has also increased tremendously. Speaking a foreign language is a huge advantage in the business environment and a humanities degree holder can take advantage of that. Additionally, opportunities for interpreters, translators as well as language instructors are also increasing. Humanities courses are well rounded programs that cover the major disciplines required for almost any career and it is no wonder that the number of students enrolling in these courses is on the rise.

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Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:How many credits are there for Kaplan university humanities courses in Bachelors Program?

A:The Bachelors of Humanities at Kaplan offers 120 credits. These are 4 years long programs. Exemptions are also accepted if a similar prerequisite is presented.

Q:Can you give me a list of humanities courses at Kaplan University?

A:Currently two degree programs are being offered among the list of Humanities courses at Kaplan University. Bachelor in Human Service and Human Services Administration is a four year program and is currently being offered along with Associate in Human Services, a two year degree program. You can choose any one from between these two.

Q:If I undertake one of the many humanities subjects, will they actually be of any use to me?

A:Undertaking an academic qualification in humanities certainly does not limit your horizons. Moreover, it will act a solid foundation on which any number of career paths can be established. Obtaining a qualification in this field will demonstrate to future employers that you have the ability to undertake an in-depth and comprehensive study program.

Q:Is it more beneficial to take humanities courses online?

A:You can take humanities courses online if you find it more convenient and have time restraints. Pursuing it online allows you the flexibility to study at your own time. It also proves to be much cheaper. It is best to check the courses and the university before enrolling for a course. Humanities courses deal with learning about history, cultures, human behavior, literature, art and languages.

Q:Can you tell me about online humanities courses?

A:Online humanities courses are offered by various institutes. It is a broad field that covers various aspects of culture, history, arts, literature, languages, philosophy and music etc. Online courses provide the flexibility to manage these courses easily and these are also cheaper. Before enrolling, check the subjects carefully and also the mode of study.

Q:What are humanities courses?

A:Humanities courses deal with liberal arts. These courses are offered at various online and on campus institutes. They cover subjects such as history, culture, philosophy, languages, art and literature. All these subjects cultivate aesthetic abilities and help to develop critical thinking. They also broaden perspectives and help to understand human culture.

Q:Through online humanities classes, will I be able to save money?

A:Yes, you will be able to lower your educational expenses to a great extent if you enroll in online humanities classes. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection to enroll in an online course. There are no books required and you do not have to travel anywhere to take classes. You can study from your home and easily cover coursework through online presentations and classroom conferences.

Q:What are the benefits of taking courses in humanities online?

A:If you plan to study online, you don't have to worry about attending classes anywhere. Online courses in humanities are offered by many renowned schools throughout the nation. You can create your own schedule and study according to your free time. The cost of online education is much more affordable as compared to campus-based programs.

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