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Computer Engineering Schools

The objective of all computer engineering schools and colleges across the US is to educate the students regarding all components, algorithms, mechanisms, patterns and hardware associated with computer systems. The programs offered by computer engineering schools prepare students for an exciting and financially rewarding career in the computer and telecom industry.

Computer engineering graduates are in high demand. Computers now control processes, procedures, complex designs, infrastructures and systems of all industries ranging from healthcare to railways. We now live in a world where computer system maintain complex inventory of corporations around the world and automate all processes to build automotives. Computer engineering schools ensure students are prepared to become a part of the high pace computer industry. In fact, hundreds of different computer engineering schools across America work very closely with industries and corporations to ensure that their curriculum meets the needs and demands of the market. Students who graduate from computer engineering schools find jobs in both the private and public sectors. Graduates from computer engineering schools find jobs in industrial Corporations, telecom service providers, manufacturers of telecom equipment, software industry and a variety of other corporations and segments of the market. Computer engineering schools and universities have spent millions of dollars to build their robust and high-tech computer engineering labs. The objective of engineering schools is to replicate the working dynamics of the industry and provide a sound environment where engineers can learn the tools of the trade. It is extremely critical that engineering schools have specialists teaching the courses and laboratories where students can perform complex tests and learn how computer systems work.

Computer engineering schools
Hundreds of different computer engineering schools exist in United States alone. Computer Engineering schools are part of the overall engineering divisions of the universities and are usually one of the blocks of the college or university with maximum enrollments. Computer engineering schools are run by experts in the field of computer systems who have worked extensively in the field or have publications in this particular field of study. Top computer engineering schools also receive funds from corporations and the state to pursue advanced learning in computer engineering systems. In fact, obtaining admission into any of the top computer engineering schools of America is not only competitive but extremely difficult. Top engineering schools are looking for top students from their respective high schools that have scored high in physics and mathematics.

Curriculum taught at computer engineering schools
The following are the main courses that are taught in the four year colleges that offer bachelors in computer engineering:

  • introduction to computer engineering
  • introduction to computer systems
  • computer hardware
  • computer systems
  • advanced computer engineering
  • computer processing
  • databases
  • networking

Degrees offered by computer engineering schools
Computer engineering schools offer associate degrees, master's degree, and even PhD’s in the computer engineering field of study. Majority of computer engineering schools also highly recommend students to pursue internship during the summers to become aware of the working dynamics of the industry. Computer engineering schools also offer certification in Cisco and other vendors.

States with the highest employment level in this occupation:



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California 16600.111.2618.1337720
Florida 11300.141.6817.9737370
Illinois 9600.161.9217.937240
Texas 7600.070.7816.6234570
New York 6500.070.8520.1241840


Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Which programs are offered at schools offering Computer Software training?

A:You can find diverse degree programs listed on our website focused on providing computer software training. Students interested in receiving the introductory level training can opt for programs such as the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology - Software Systems Engineering, which is a four year undergrad program. For more advanced education, programs including the Master of Science in Software Engineering must be pursued by the students.

Q:What courses are studied in degree programs offered at online Computer Engineering Schools?

A:Degree programs in computer engineering are geared towards teaching students advanced knowledge regarding computer technology. The curriculum of computer engineering degree programs cover a wide range of courses such as computer science, microprocessors of technology, computer programming, software engineering, data and file structures, operating system design, engineering physics, solid state devices, networking and internet technologies, machine and assembly language, algorithm, and applied differential calculus.

Q:From where can students get an online Computer Engineering Certificate?

A:There are quite a few accredited online computer engineering schools that offer certificate programs in this field. students an earn this certificate from online universities such as the ITT Technical Institute, Penn Foster School, Walden University, Devry University, Colorado technical University, Sullivan College of Technology and Design, Spenserian College Online, and many more.

Q:Could you please name a few colleges that has a curriculum in computer engineering?

A:Here are the names of a few colleges that have a curriculum in computer engineering: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Carnegie Mellon University, California Institute of Technology, University of California, University of Texas, Purdue University, Cornell University, and Stanford University. For a list of online institutes offering this curriculum please search our websites for more information.

Q:What undergraduate courses are offered in the Computer Engineering Colleges?

A:Computer Engineering Colleges offer students a bunch of programs with a few specialization areas as well. The undergraduate programs offered in Computer Engineering include the associate's degree and the bachelor's program. These are two year and four year long programs, respectively. They impart introductory level knowledge and skills to the students. To specialize in computer engineering, students need to complete the Master's program as well.

Q:In the four year colleges that provide Computer Software Engineering, which courses do you get to study?

A:Most of the four year colleges that provide Computer Software Engineering program have a similar course work. Some of the courses that are common include information systems fundamentals, introduction to operating systems, algorithms and logic for computer programming, project planning & implementation, java programming level one and two and software architecture.

Q:What are the contents of the course on Business Ethics in the Computer Engineering Colleges online programs?

A:The Computer Engineering Colleges Online programs have dedicated course on Business Ethics. This course usually is worth 2 credits in total. It is designed to provide students with substantial understanding of the different examinations of the values and ethics in a business environment. Hands on experience is also provided to the students in this course.

Q:How do I find the top computer engineering schools to apply to?

A:You need not go any further. We work with some of the best colleges and schools in the US. We have carefully selected those colleges that offer the best possible service to our users, and there is a wide range of programs and schools available to suit your budget. You only need use the search widget above.

Q:What kind of subjects do schools for computer engineering offer?

A:This will vary from school to school as no two schools are alike. Typical programs will normally include a basic introduction to computers, courses on the most common software programs, such as: Microsoft Office®, Sage, Microsoft Windows®. There are normally courses also on computer hardware as well. As you can see there are normally courses to suit all levels.

Q:What type of curriculum is taught in computer engineering schools online?

A:Computer engineering is gaining popularity fast and a lot of students opt for it due to the bright future it promises. A bachelors degree in this field take about four years to complete and some of the courses taught in it are: introduction to computer engineering, introduction to computer systems, computer hardware, computer systems, advanced computer engineering, computer processing, databases and networking to name a few.

Q:What are computer engineering school online?

A:Online computer engineering schools are distance learning schools that provide computer engineering programs to students. Students can study computer engineering courses from the comfort of their homes and prepare for careers in this field. Online education is more convenient to pursue and is less expensive as compared to traditional degree programs.

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