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Doctoral in Engineering

What is engineering?
The field of Engineering deals with the development and application of science technology in day to day life, business and industry. Engineering has probably played the biggest part in making our lives as comfortable as they are today by implementing the very basic principles of science to tackle sophisticated problems. Engineers are credited with everything we use and see around us today – from electricity to nuclear reactors – is a product of engineering. Engineering encompasses a number of fields, such as electrical, mechanical, industrial and civil engineering, robotics, nanotechnology, agricultural technology, marine engineering and aerospace engineering.

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How can I get a doctoral degree in Engineering?
Numerous professionals and fresh graduates around the world are gearing for a doctoral degree in engineering, to increase their qualifications and knowledge or to increase their advancement opportunities. Prerequisites for a doctoral degree include a Master’s level education with relevant work experience. The coursework includes detailed research on an issue currently being faced by engineers or the general public, after which the findings are compiled in the form of a thesis. The thesis is then reviewed by professors from different universities, and based on their approval and attending a dissertation, students can obtain their PhD in engineering. Many students these days opt for a PhD in engineering management, which focuses on the implementation of management skills in engineering.

What does the future hold?
A doctoral degree of engineering is extremely beneficial for the engineers looking to make careers in the management, education or research & development sectors. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates an increase of about 15% in employment opportunities, mainly with research organizations, manufacturing companies and the energy sector. Starting salaries for doctors of engineering are about $80,000 with experienced PhDs making close to $200,000 per year.

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Q:What is the benefit of completing the doctoral in engineering online?

A:Completing the Doctoral In Engineering online offers students a number of benefits over the campus based degrees. it allows students to take up full day time jobs and continue with specialized education alongside. Students get to schedule their own classes and complete the degree at a pace of their own.

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