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Certificate in Engineering

Overview of Field
Engineering is field of specialization that includes several areas such as civil engineering, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering. Students in engineering program learn about electronics, CAD, manufacturing, mechanical design and other related areas. Certificate in Engineering are suitable for individuals who wish to give a boost to their career or those who have already earned a degree in this concentration. These are short programs that allow students to perk up their career prospects and stay updated with the changing trends in the field of engineering.

Featured Programs

Certificate in Engineering programs generally take 6 months to complete. Students can opt to enroll in regular or online institutes to earn these academic recognitions. They will learn designing, developing and testing electronic equipment in addition to studying other aspects of engineering.  

Coursework in Engineering Certificates
The precise coursework in Engineering Certificates depend of the field of specialization that you opt for. However, the general courses included in this program are:

  • Computer Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Electronics
  • Mechanical Design
  • Statistics
  • Quality Control
  • Computer-Aided Design

The admission criteria to enroll in different Engineering Certificates vary from one program to another.

Who should enroll in Engineering Certificates?
Professionals who wish to improve their career opportunities or find more rewarding jobs can enroll in Engineering Certification programs. Also, students who have already completed a degree program can improve their educational portfolio by enrolling in Engineering Certification programs.

Career Outlook
Completing Engineering Certification programs allow students to improve their job prospects. They can earn $45,000 to $ 95,000 on an annual basis by earning this certificate. The precise salary of engineering is determined by the area that they chose to specialize in.

Certificate in Engineering Online
Other than opting for these programs through the regular schools, students can also get into online certificate programs in engineering. Getting into these programs enables individuals to boost their career opportunities in a convenient and cost effective manner. The online certificate programs are highly flexible and thus allow students to earn valuable academic recognitions in a comfortable fashion.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:While searching for certificate in engineering, I came across environment. What courses are included in Environmental Engineering

A:There is a possibility of environment being mentioned when searching for certificate in engineering. Some of the courses included in environmental engineering are Introduction to Environmental Engineering, Environmental Transport and Kinetics, Industrial Safety, Solid and Hazardous Waste, Groundwater Remediation, Geographic Information Systems, Fundamental of Air Pollution Control and Environmental Engineering Processes. There are a number of opportunities available for students with this qualification especially with the green initiative being taken seriously by a number of countries.

Q:Is an online certificate in engineering useful?

A:A certification in engineering is a short course that certifies a student/professional in a certain academic field. If you are already working as an engineer and wish to enhance your career, a certification will help you in this regard. The program has become very popular and is a great way to increase the income potential.

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