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Electrical Technology Degrees

Electrical technology programs focus on the study of electrical systems, electronic machines and technological devices. A degree in electrical technology can help students pursue a variety of career paths. You can possibly become an electrician, electronics troubleshooter, electrical research technician or electrical distribution salesperson after earning this degree. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that employment of electricians is expected to grow 23% from 2010 to 2020, faster than the average for all occupations as businesses and homes are requiring more electrical systems and wiring than ever before.

Though this line of work can potentially help you make respectable wages, electricians have a higher-than-average injury and illness rate and some common risks include electrical shocks, burns and falls. To avoid such mishaps, they must follow safety guidelines.

Electrical Technology Degree

Students who are interested in a career in electrical technology have the option of working towards an associate degree. The program generally rakes 2 years to complete. The exact duration depends on the enrollment status of the students. These programs help students learn about installing, testing, and repairing electrical equipment and electronic circuits and devices. The curriculum includes courses in general electrical theory as well as classes in science and math. Students can also take courses in algebra, alternating and direct current, electronics, electrical drawings and blueprints and motor controls.

In addition to the classroom-based lessons, learners are also required to complete lab work. The practical component provides students with a chance to develop wiring, installation, troubleshooting and repairing skills.

Online Degree Programs

Distance learning schools also offer programs in electrical technology. The online route can be useful for working professionals who want to switch careers as well as stay-at-home parents. These programs allow learners to study from the comfort of their homes. Learners have the freedom to set their individual schedule and complete a program at their own pace which is not possible in campus-based degrees.

Admissions Requirements

A high school diploma or GED is required to enroll in an electrical technology program. Students may also have to pass math placement exams. In addition, students may have to provide letters of recommendation and a statement of purpose. Other requirements for admissions may vary by school.

Continuing Education

Students can work towards bachelor's programs if they want to improve their career prospects. These degrees may instruct students in electronics engineering technology or developing automation technology.


Students who want to become electricians need to get a license as well. To obtain a license, they may have to take tests that cover NEC and state and local codes.

Employment Opportunities

Students with electrical technology degrees have a better chance of finding jobs in various setting such as telecommunications companies, construction companies or utility companies. The median annual wage of electricians in 2010 was $48,250.

Finding a School

There are various schools that offer electrical technology degrees but students must choose the programs that are most suitable to their personal objectives. They should check out the schools that offer these degrees with regards to their accreditation as well as their general standing, fee structure and program content.


Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What is electrical engineering technology?

A:This is a field of engineering technology that deals with the application, design, installation, and operation of electrical systems. The academic discipline covers all major aspects of the field, which include: circuit design, computer programming, analog electronics, digital electronics, engineering standards, etc. Studying electrical engineering technology can lead to careers in many industries ranging from telecommunications to research and development.

Q:What is electrical technology associate degree?

A:An associate degree in electrical technology is a two year undergraduate program. It is comprehensively designed to provide students with a detailed understanding of fundamental concepts. The degree program will cover important topics such as analog electronics, engineering principles, component design, etc. Students with this degree may qualify for entry-level jobs in the organizations.

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