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If you are fascinated by planes and flight, perhaps you are looking to translate your passion into your career. Consider enrolling in Aviation school. It can prepare you for several different types of careers such as aviator, aeronautical scientist, aviation manager and flight technologist. All of these are critical roles in the aviation supply chain and Aviation Colleges can prepare you for any of them given the right choice of courses and electives. As long as you have access to a computer and the Internet, you might find that online Aviation Colleges may provide you the most cost effective and convenient programs.

Those who are looking for more breadth in their education are encouraged to study aviation science at Aviation Colleges. Those who are only looking to specialize the mechanical working of planes are recommended to pursue aviation mechanics instead. The form of degree you pursue from an Aviation College depends on your career goals. An associate degree will only cover the rudiments of aviation science. Bachelor's degrees will expose you to flight training and introduce some academic topics. Master's degrees at Aviation Colleges are targeted at more advanced professionals. They cover topics such as the impact of weather phenomena and investigation of the kinds of accidents that may occur in the process of flight. The Aircraft Owners and Pilots' Association claims that your chances of landing top jobs in the aviation industry are much higher after you have completed some form of degree. No matter which degree you complete and which specialization you opt for, you should definitely take courses in piloting aircraft as well as air traffic control and dispatch communications. Learning about flight operations is critical for all aviation roles as is maintenance of both aircraft and all flight facilities. The most distinguished aviation colleges have a strong focus on multimedia and interactive learning. Given the constraints of online studies, this format is probably the most conducive to developing a grasp of the material. Aviation Colleges may also be affiliated with real aviation facilities that render you the opportunity to accumulate some practical aviation experience. 

Planes are pretty much the default transport mechanism for long distances where time is at a premium. This is true for both passengers and cargo. With falling costs, the demand has risen and there is increasing demand for people who have graduated from Aviation Colleges. The industry estimates that it offers over 500,000 jobs at present. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics both demand and average salaries for those who graduate from Aviation Colleges are expected to grow. There is a whole spectrum of salaries available in this field depending on what you choose to specialize in. Those who work in customer service may just pull $30,000 while pilots can expect to net up to $150,000. Jobs in the aviation sector are also highly desirable because of the great benefits, pension plans and perks. Heavily discounted air travel is a strong benefit that is available in few other industries.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Can you give me an outline of Aviation Technician program in online Aviation colleges?

A:The Aviation Technician program offered by online Aviation colleges has a comprehensive curriculum. The courses included in this program are safety and human factors, aircraft applied mathematics, piston engines and propellers, tools, materials & processes, avionics fundamentals, theory of flight, hangar maintenance procedures, aircraft solid state and data bus logic and aircraft instruments.

Q:While searching for an online Air Frame and Mechanic college, I came across Gas Turbine Engines program. Can you brief me on it?

A:Among a number of courses that you will get to study at an Air Frame and Mechanic college, one is Gas Turbine Engines course. In this three credit hours course the students get to study how to repair, inspect, maintain and replace gas turbine engines and similar fuel systems. The students will get to study in detail the structure and compressor of engines.

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