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Master in Film, Video and Photographic Arts

Overview of the Field
Film studies are a comprehensive area of academics which includes different approaches to films such as critical, historical, and theoretical. This field of education focuses on teaching the cultural, artistic, narrative, political and economic aspects of the modern and traditional cinema.

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About the Degree
The Master in Film is a professional level graduate degree program which allows students to gain ample practical experience alongside theoretical concepts and historical background. The degree can be completed in two years if opted in a traditional campus based institute. However, students interested in completing it at a pace of their own can get enrolled in the online master's program.The master level degree in film studies can be opted in two types of graduate programs:

  • Master in Film Production
  • Master in Film Studies
Coursework Both the programs have different specialization areas. The Master in Film Production concentrates on teaching students about film designing and filmmaking whereas the Master in Film Studies provides a comprehensive historical and theoretical background. Students are taught a combination of courses in both programs which include core and electives. Core courses teach students the basics of the program whereas electives focus on the chosen area of specialization. Here are some of the common courses being offered in the masters of filmmaking:
  • Film history
  • Film theory
  • Film composition
  • Screenwriting
  • Film production
  • Cinematography
  • Editing theories
  • Film esthetics
Eligibility Criteria
Students applying to the graduate degree in filmmaking must have an undergraduate degree in any liberal arts specialization. They do not need to have completed their bachelor degree in film studies specifically. They might also be required to produce letters of recommendations and a writing sample or portfolio, depending on the selected specialization.

Career Prospects Completing the graduate degree in filmmaking is the first step towards the professional career. Students in the field of filmmaking do not get a breakthrough immediately. They are mostly required to work their way up.

Here are some of the beginner level jobs for filmmaking graduates:
  • Camera operator
  • Cinematographer
  • Assistant director
  • Film producer
  • Film curator
  • Film critic
  • Film preservationist
  • Documentary specialist
  • Screenwriter

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What is a master in film video and photographic arts designed for?

A:A masters degree in film video and photographic arts is designed to prep students for careers in the film industry. The program will cover a wide range of topics relevant to the field such as post-production, types of photography, media technology, and more. Alongside theoretical learning, the program will build practical skills and enhance creativity. The program is also offered online by numerous schools.

Q:How to become a graphic designer?

A:To become a graphic designer a bachelor's degree in graphic designing or a related field is usually required. Graphic designers must demonstrate creative skills and originality in their work. Aspirants can take courses such as the following: principles of design studio art computerized design printing techniques commercial graphics production and website designing. Apart from enrolling in programs that offer these courses graphic designers also need to build a professional portfolio which will be help them qualify for a job ahead. The income level of graphic designers varies from place to place.(Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics)

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