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Associate Degree in Software Engineering

Software Engineering
In a world that is becoming increasingly computer oriented, software engineering is a subject that is gaining importance and seen as a lucrative career choice with promising opportunities. Software engineers are responsible for designing applications for computers and since it is a field that is witnessing rapid changes and progress, it demands staying in touch with the IT processes.

Associate Degree in Software Engineering
The first step for students interested in computer technology and who wish to make it as a software engineer would be to attain an associate degree in software engineering. The process of software engineering requires an understanding of design, structure and development of computer applications.  The degree is meant to build a foundation for software engineers by familiarizing them with concepts related to database systems, programming languages and operating systems. An associate in software engineering degree can be taken up after high school since this degree aims to teach software related concepts at an introductory level. Typically it includes subjects like C++ programming, internet basics, java programming, software cycle, networking and project management. Some programs also offer internships which can be quite beneficial for gaining practical experience.
There are many on-campus, technical and online colleges that offer associate in software engineering degrees. The course generally takes two years to complete. With accelerated or online courses, the duration can vary as these courses are self paced. With an associate in software engineering you can find entry level work opportunities. To pursue further education in this field, a student can take up a bachelor’s degree.
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With the numerous options available for an associate degree in software engineering often the task of finding the right one can become very complex. With our search tool, you can easily search for an associate degree in software engineering. It will bring to you a list of degrees offered by different institutes in this discipline. Having all available degrees in front of you, you can make a comparison between them, check their course outlines, the duration of the degree programs and then make an informed choice about where you would want to study.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:How long is the associate degree in software engineering?

A:The program, if taken on campus will be two years long. The associate degree in software engineering is an undergraduate degree which is typically undertaken after completing high school or a GED. However, choosing to do the degree online can vary the length of the program to your specifications. Most schools will, however minimum and maximum time limits will be set in which to finish the degree.

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