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Certificate in Database Technology

Database technology is an important field in today’s IT-intensive world, where all kinds of data and information are stored in databases. Individuals with expertise in the design, development and management of databases are required in a wide range of business in numerous industries. Enrollment in a certificate of database technology program is useful for working professionals wishing to increase their knowledge or for those wishing to enter this particular field.

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Program Structure and Coursework
Certificate of database technology programs can be found at the undergraduate and the graduate level. The graduate certificate is perfect for those who already have some experience working with databases and who do not wish to pursue a Master’s degree. Database technology certificate programs offer courses related to the designing, programming and implementing of databases depending on a company’s particular requirements. Students also learn about query and reporting processes, as well as how to keep databases secure from any malicious attacks. Database backup and recovery techniques and methods are also part of the curriculum of a certificate of database technology program.

Careers in Database Technology
Database technology experts can be employed in the public and private sector, as well as in government agencies. Non-profit organizations also employ database technology experts. Professionals in this field can find work in roles such as database administrator, database analyst, data architect and database developer. Network architects and database programmers are also titles available to those with an education in database technology. A database administrator earns around 60,000 US dollars on average.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Why certificate in database technology less popular than an undergraduate degree?

A:The certificate in database technology is a riskier degree in comparison to the undergraduate degree because even though a certification is more robust at times, most of the companies prefer if you have a bachelors degree at least.

Q:Can you give me a career overview of database technology programs?

A:Database technology programs can open up various career opportunities, as database technology is required in both public and private sector. Non profits also hire database technology experts. As a professional in the field, you can take up roles as a database administrator, database analyst, data architect, and database developer. With database technology education, you can also be a database programmer or a network architect.

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