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Bachelor in Database Technology

Program Structure
A bachelor's level degree program in database technology provides exceptional technical training and knowledge to individuals seeking a highly rewarding career in the field of database administration. A Bachelor of Database Technology covers all aspects of database administration including designing, developing, and managing of data. Courses taught during a Bachelor of Database Technology offered by an accredited educational institution in the U.S. may include:

  • Networking
  • Communications
  • Database Security
  • Business
  • Programming
  • Algorithm
  • Database Design
  • Query Design
  • Information Systems
  • Java Programming
  • Data Warehousing
  • Network Administration

Program Coursework Highlights
Students enrolled in Bachelor of Database Technology degree programs offered by online distance-learning educational institutions in the U.S. are given the choice to specialize in their chosen area of the subject. Majority of students enrolled in these undergraduate level courses opt to specialize in areas such as:

  • Database Systems
  • Programming
  • Software
  • Analysis
  • Database Design

Admission Criteria
Admission criteria set by educational institutions offering Bachelor of Database Technology programs in the U.S. may vary from university to another. However, in most cases, students are required to have a completed high school diploma or GED qualification in hand at the time of application.

Career Prospects
All those graduating with an accredited Bachelor of Database Technology degree qualification from U.S. colleges and universities are expected to do exceptionally well in the U.S. job market. Individuals with degrees in database technology are often found working in blue chip IT firms as:

  • Database Administrators
  • Database Developers
  • Network Architects
  • Network Analysts

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:How long is the Bachelor of Database technology?

A:The Bachelors of Database Technology is a 4 years qualification. It has 120 credits. Online programs can be completed by the students at their own pace.

Q:What are the common courses in the bachelor in database technology?

A:The Bachelor in Database Technology boasts courses like, Networking, Communications, Database Security, Business, Programming, Algorithm, Database Design, Query Design, Information Systems, Java Programming, Data Warehousing and Network Administration You can take these courses through online or campus based programs.

Q:How quickly can I complete my Bachelors Database Design degree?

A:If you wish to complete the Bachelor's in Database Design Technology quickly, you should get enrolled in the online Bachelor in Database Technology. The online program is self paced and hence can be completed in as much time as the student sees fit. This is the best option for you. You will be able to complete your undergraduate degree as quickly as you want.

Q:While going through Bachelors in Database Technology I came across Desktop Databases Development course. Can you tell me its contents?

A:Desktop Databases Development is among a number of courses that are included in the curriculum of Bachelors in Database Technology. In this course the students get to learn how to install, support and manage desktop database applications. The students will also learn how to debug and design desktop database software.

Q:What does bachelors in databases cover?

A:A bachelor in databases includes technical training that prepare individual to carve a career in database management. The subjects that you would be expected to study would include networking, database design and security, programming and information systems fundamentals. The criteria of admission and subjects may vary from institute to institute.

Q:What will I cover in a bachelor in database design degree?

A:A bachelor degree in database design will help you learn about the various fundamentals of database management. You will learn how to manage all kinds of data and build suitable database programs. Some subjects covered in this degree include data warehousing, networking, informative systems, algorithm design, algebra, programming, and communications.

Q:Can you tell me about a bachelor of science in database management?

A:A bachelor degree in database management is designed to teach students how to manage organizational data and manage databases effectively. Some of the subjects covered in this four year undergraduate program have been mentioned here: database systems, artificial intelligence, data mining, systems integration, microcomputer applications, database administration, and data warehousing.

Q:I am thinking of enrolling in an online bachelor in database design and administration, is this mode of education more flexible?

A:Yes, online education has proved to be more flexible and convenient. Many people are opting for online programs. You can study at any time of the day according to your convenience. You can also eliminate unnecessary costs related to textbooks and travelling. Online programs are equally valued in the market and do not affect job opportunities.

Q:As I was reading about bs computer science database management administration best top schools, I came across the coursework of this program. Can you name a few subjects?

A:A bachelor degree in database management administration will help students learn about data systems, storing and extorting relevant data, and managing organizational data. The program tales around four years to complete and covers a wide range of subjects such as the following: c++ programming, computer architecture, network fundamentals, computer hardware, operating systems, and web servers.

Q:As I was reading about bachelor in science information technology database management jobs, I heard that it is possible to get financial aid for online programs. Is that true?

A:Yes, it is possible to get financial aid assistance for online education. Students will need to get in touch with the financial aid office and find out what different aid programs are available. The most common aid programs are set up by the federal government. Students are required to demonstrate a need for assistance by filling out a FAFSA form. On the other hand, aid programs such as loans are also being offered by private banks.

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