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Accounting Programs in San Francisco

About San Francisco
San Francisco is located in the state of California. It is known for being the fourth largest and the most populous cities in California and is considered to be the hub of finance and banking. It has over thirty international financial institutions which position it amongst the top "20 Global Financial Centers" of the world.  The economic environment of San Francisco has several respectable career opportunities for individuals with advanced educational backgrounds and skills in accounting.

Accounting Classes in San Francisco
Various schools in San Francisco offer associate, bachelors and master’s degree programs in Accounting which enable the students to learn about the fundamentals of record keeping, financial management, asset management and budget analysis. Accounting Classes in San Francisco typically emphasize on courses such as:

  • Cost Accounting
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Contemporary Auditing
  • Accounting Information Systems

Working adults can take up these courses online as well. Students who take accounting classes can learn about different software programs and tools that are used in analysis and decision making. Associations like the AAA provide training in accounting education to aspiring accountants in the US. Upon the completion of your education and training you can be in a better position to find work in organizations such as banks, nonprofit organizations and retail businesses. O*NET reports that the median wage for careers related to accounting, such as that of accountants is $63,550 on an annual basis as of 2012.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Name a few popular accounting schools that offer accounting classes in San Francisco?

A:The main types of degree programs that students can earn in the field of accounting are BS in accounting, MS in accounting, and an Associate degree in accounting. Top accounting schools in San Francisco are: University of San Francisco, Golden Gate University, Argosy University- San Francisco, Heald College, and City College of San Francisco.

Q:Where can I get detailed information about the accountancy courses in San Francisco?

A:Our website provides a list of accredited accounting schools and colleges that are offering online and traditional degree programs in accounting. The state of San Francisco hosts several colleges offering the associate, bachelor's and master level degrees in the field of accounting. Students interested in gaining entry level positions in this field can obtain diplomas and associate's degrees. However, accounting courses taught in programs like the Master of Science in Accountancy can prepare students to concentrate on a particular area, for example, Public Accounting or Forensic Accounting. Besides, the core course content of all degrees in accounting covers the following subjects: balance sheet analysis, managerial accounting and taxation.

Q:What is the duration of the San Francisco accounting classes?

A:The duration of the accounting classes taking place in San Francisco depends on the course pursued. Schools in San Francisco allow students to take the associate, bachelor, master, and doctoral programs in accounting. The associate and the bachelor programs are undergrad degrees for two and four years, respectively. The Masters in Accounting is for two years and the doctorate in accounting can be completed in three years and above.

Q:If the accounting courses San Francisco don't offer night-time classes, how can I continue working and still enroll?

A:Even if you do not find accounting courses in San Fransisco that offer classes at times that are convenient to you, you always have the option of enrolling into an online course that offers flexible class schedules and lets you complete your course without having to disrupt your existing job or any other responsibilities. You can easily finish any online course from the comfort of your home.

Q:Which is the most sought after accounting course in San Francisco?

A:There are a bunch of Accounting courses in San Francisco qualifying students for lucrative career prospects. These include the associate, bachelor, master, and doctoral programs. However, the most sought after degree amongst the above mentioned is the Master's in Accounting. The master's accounting program is a professional degree offering degree holders the chance to secure management level positions in any organization.

Q:What are the contents of the lesson on Introduction to Business in the Accounting course online in SF?

A:The Accounting Course online in Sf have dedicated lesson on Introduction to Business. This course lesson is mandatory and is intended to making the students understand the broader overview of the world of business and how the business affects and environment and the society around it, which serves as the direct stakeholder of the decisions being made.

Q:What are different programs offering accounting courses in San Francisco?

A:The different programs offering accounting courses in San Francisco include undergraduate programs, graduate programs, and the certificate programs. You can either acquire a bachelor's degree in business administration with your specialization in accounting, or you can go for the master's programs like Master of Business Administration and Master of Science in Business Administration. There are also certificate programs offering courses in public accountancy and the professional practice of internal auditing.

Q:What could be my career options after getting an accounting degrees in San Francisco?

A:The career options after getting an accounting degree in San Francisco depend on the extent of your education. The jobs of the bookkeeper and accounting clerk require a high school diploma and sometimes a two year associate degree in accounting. The position of an accountant requires a deeper understanding of concepts so needs a four year bachelor's degree in accounting. Students looking to become certified public accountants have to gain some extra credits after a bachelor's degree, also require some accounting training and most importantly have to pass the CPA exam.

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