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Careers in Social Services

Statistics for careers in social services
A job in the social services sector can earn you as much as $70,000 after considerable work experience. At the outset, however, the job market in social services might not be that appealing as far as earnings are concerned. Without any work experience at hand, social services job can get you around $35,000 per annum, which is relatively less than other popular fields. It is estimated that the job market for those interested to work in this field is expected to grow quicker than average by the year 2018. The highest number of social workers are employed in the public health and medical area which is slightly more than child-related social work. The market for social working jobs is higher in remote areas which are not very popular for various reasons.

Major sectors for a career in social services
Social service is a field which allows the people to work in many diverse public and private areas. A social worker can readily find work in hospitals, old homes and childcare centers. They can work with government agencies and work with immigrants and those dependent on the state for financial support, jailed inmates and others.

Educational programs that help in careers in social services
Social service is offered as a subject at the undergraduate level in almost all schools. But if you are already a part of the social services and have little time at hand you might be interested in going for online degrees and short certificate programs which can help you further your career. Otherwise, a Master's degree in social services can be detrimental for administrative and managerial positions which can be more favorable with substantial work experience. Various training programs are held off and on which can be beneficial for you even if you are currently studying social services at the undergraduate level. These training programs, however, focus on individuals already working in the social services arena to reiterate the information and introduce new concepts which might be helpful in the field work.

Top jobs for those interested in jobs in social services
Top jobs are for those who aim for a career in social services agencies that offer help to families and individuals; or in the government sector which offers better pay but there is compromise as far as work timings are concerned. Top positions in private agencies can be monetarily benefiting but they also include a lot of pressure and, probably, exhausting working hours.

Specializations in social services
Social service is one of those rare vocations which can get you utmost satisfaction because of it being reciprocal. Hence, specialization in social services should be aimed at those areas which are of profound interest for the individual. So, if you want to work for children you might go for specialization in child welfare which can allow you to interact with children from diverse backgrounds including those who are mentally challenged or young inmates in jails. If you are more interested in the medical arena you might go for a specialization in mental health and abuse-related groups.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Are the Certificate in Human Services jobs rewarding?

A:The Certificate in Human Services jobs are fairly rewarding, but to get really good packages it is advised that you opt for Associates degree as well as Bachelors degree after the completion of certification.

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