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Careers in Public Administration

Public administration is a field that entails knowledge of implementing social programs and managing different operations within public sectors. It prepares students to acquire the skills that are essential for leadership and managerial roles and serve in government and educational institutes.

Careers in public administration can possibly be challenging and exciting. A wide array of opportunities exists for individuals with a degree in this area of interest. They can apply for a wide variety of jobs in the public sector where they would be required to enforce public safety policies, launch new programs or manage city budgets.

Pursuing this line of work can be a suitable option for those of you who have a passion to serve the society and make valuable contributions in the lives of people. This profession can also be great for those with strong organizational and communication skills.

Types of Jobs for Public Administration Graduates
Public administration jobs entail positions such as city managers or city planners. City managers look after many aspects of city bureaucracy such as policy, finance, and other departments while city planners deal with the design and layout of a city.

You can also possibly work as an association executive for various non-profits and associations or pursue a career as a social worker. Options are also available in federal agencies.

Salary Range
The income of public administrators varies by a number of factors such as location, job type, experience and qualification. O*NET reports that related profession such as that of urban and regional planning entails a median wage of $65,230. In addition to their basic salary, they can also enjoy some career benefits.

Public Administration Degrees
You can pursue a bachelor's or a master's degree in public administration to obtain the skills and knowledge that can prove to be valuable in this line of work. In these programs, you can focus on different concentrations as they relate specifically to public service. These may include public safety, business, ethics, criminal justice and organizational leadership.

A bachelor's degree in public administration is an undergraduate program that covers a number of topics such as personnel management, policy analysis, organizational behavior and business management.

Some of the courses of study students can opt for in this advanced program include business ethics, human resources management and social responsibility.

You can also choose an area of specialty in this field such as public management and leadership, health services, international nongovernmental organizations, knowledge management and public policy and pursue a career in an area of your interest.

Online Programs
Students interested in the field of public administration can also enroll in online degree programs and kick off their career in this profession in a manageable manner. The flexibility, affordability and ease of online degrees make them quite suitable for individuals with a desire for entering the public administration sector and pursuing a promising career. These programs can particularly be quite useful for the ones who are already working in this field and wish to improve their career prospects as well as the ones who want to switch careers.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What do I need to do in order to make a good career in public administration?

A:In order to make a decent Career In Public Administration, you need to complete your education in the mentioned specialization. You can get enrolled in the bachelors in public administration degree. Once you have completed your undergraduate education, pursue the master's degree in the same specialization and you can start working with a good pay scale and a bright future.

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