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Bachelor in Public Administration

Bachelor of Public Administration

A degree in public administration focuses on education in political systems, public policy, and business organization & management. A Bachelor of public administration degree can prepare students for careers in government agencies and non-profit organizations. Students learn to formulate public policy and implement programs in the public sphere. Public administrators work at all levels of government including federal, state and local levels.

Program Structure and Coursework

The four year Bachelor of public administration degree teaches students about a number of subjects including business management, public policy, history, economics and organizational behavior. Public administration theory and its effects are studied during the program. Students learn research and analytical skills as well through courses related to quantitative methods, statistics, surveys and research methods. Subjects connected to the US government and politics are also included in a public administration program curriculum. These include courses such as political systems, politics and policy, as well as, political environments. Human resources management theories and personnel administration methods are also taught.

Enrollments of this Program

Public Administration Bachelor Enrollments

Enrollments % of this Program

Public Administration Bachelor Enrollments

Careers in Public Administration
A Bachelor of public administration degree can lead to careers in the areas of urban planning, politics, government, public policy, research and advocacy. Some roles where public administrators are employed are as city planners, economists and economic development directors, among others. Graduates may also choose to be employed with healthcare and social welfare organizations. International relief organizations are potential employers as well. Salaries for graduates of a Bachelor of public administration vary according to the field and organization chosen. The average range of salaries is between 40,000 to 80,000 US dollars.


Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Why is HR taught in the best public administration programs bachelor degrees?

A:The Best Public Administration programs at the Bachelor's level have courses on Human Resources. This is because many of the public administrators are employed in the Human Resources area of the management. In this way, they can better understand and administer the human capital that is employed at the facilities. Public Administration is quite essential for HR experts in understanding the human mind and the general human needs.

Q:What would be the best public administration bachelors?

A:The question about the best public administration bachelors can be answered in two ways. If you are looking for a lucrative career then you can complete a bachelor in Administrative Management. This qualification can give you access to be a city planner, administrative officer, management analyst and security specialist. And if you are looking for a rewarding career then you can complete a bachelor in public administration and work as recreation officer, social worker, corrections officer and probation officer. Information about the qualifications and institutions is available on our website.

Q:How long is the bachelor in public administration and what are the admission requirements?

A:The bachelor's degree is normally a four year on-campus undergraduate program, but the time length of the degree can be varied if taken online. The admission criteria for the bachelor's in public administration are the completion of a high school diploma or an equivalent GED qualification. Students will also need to submit a completed application form along with supporting documents

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