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Bachelor in Social Services

Bachelor of Social Services
If you have the ability to get along with others and have a desire to help people, then a Bachelor of social services or social work degree may be perfect for you. These degrees can help you with forming a career where you can serve and protect suffering individuals in different environments such as hospitals, substance abuse centers and government agencies, among others.

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Program Structure and Coursework
The Bachelor of social services degree can be completed in four years and teaches students about a variety of subjects including psychology and sociology. Social services practices and theory courses are offered during the program. Students also learn about human development, social problems and counseling techniques. Various subjects within human development are taught including physical, emotional, social and cognitive development at various stages of human life. General psychology courses are offered which cover topics such as perception, motivation and psychological disorders. Crisis intervention methods are also taught, as are subjects related to family dynamics and relationships.
Careers in Social Services
A Bachelor of social services program prepares graduates to serve others in a wide range of ways. Social service workers may help people deal with problems related to unemployment, housing, domestic abuse and substance abuse. Those working as social services administrators can design and implement programs to deal with such issues. They may also be involved in fund-raising activities for these social service programs. The average salary range for someone with a Bachelor of social services degree is between 27,000 to 41,000 US dollars.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What courses are taught in the BA Social Behavioral Science program?

A:The Bachelor of Arts in Social Behavioral includes a diverse range of courses. These include: Understanding Society, Individuals in Society, Social Research Methods, Working with Cultural Differences, the Geography of Social Difference, Community Management and Organizations, Concepts of Psychology, and Introduction to Psychology and Community Development.

Q:What is the actual duration of the Bachelor of Social Services degree program?

A:The Bachelor in Social Services degree spans up to four years. However, students have the option of pursuing these at campus or via the online programs offered by various universities listed on our website. Most of the online universities also allow students to complete these degrees at their own pace, this is quite useful for working professionals and single parents who wish to complete their education at their desired speed.

Q:I was wondering about the different careers I can choose after my bachelors in social services. Can you help?

A:There are many different jobs that you can go for after your bachelors in social services. You have plenty of options such as you can work in social care, early education or as a social worker. You can also decide to work with a variety of people present in the private, local authority or in the voluntary sector. These people comprise children and families, older people, people with mental health problems, youth services, and criminal justice services.

Q:What level of education do I have to complete to get admission in a bachelor in social services program?

A:You need to have at least a high school diploma to qualify for bachelor level programs. You can also enroll in an associate degree in this field. Bachelor degree programs fall in the category of undergraduate studies. All undergraduate programs require a high school diploma. So make sure you have completed your basic education first.

Q:I want to complete a bachelors in social services in less than four years. Is this possible?

A:Yes, it is possible to complete a bachelor degree in less than four years. These programs fall in the category of accelerated degree programs. You can search online to see which institutes are offering degree programs that can be completed in less than four years. So start browsing now and find a program that fits your needs.

Q:Can you give me a list of bachelor degrees social services jobs positions?

A:A bachelor's degree in social services prepares graduates to serve in a wide range of areas. As a social service worker, you can help people deal with problems of unemployment, housing, domestic abuse, and substance abuse. If you are working as a social service administrator you can plan and execute programs that deal with various social issues.

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