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Doctoral in Environmental Sciences

Environment science is an area of study that focuses on understanding ecological phenomena and protecting the environment through a wide range of methodologies. Environmental scientists use their knowledge and skills for identifying the problems and finding solutions that help minimize the perils to the environment and enhancing the wellbeing of the local population. Environmental scientists are also required to understand the issues involved in protecting the environment such as recycling, degradation, and conservation. In addition, these professionals analyze water, air, food, and soil samples in order to determine the best way to clean and preserve the environment.

A number of programs are offered in this concentration such as associate, bachelor, master and doctorate programs. Learners seeking advanced employment opportunities can enroll in doctorate in environmental sciences. The goal of this degree is to develop exceptional individuals with strong foundations in ecology and social science. A PhD is the highest academic recognition in this field. It is particularly designed for students who want to pursue job opportunities in teaching or research.

Doctoral in Environmental Sciences Program
The environmental science doctoral programs may span over 4 to 6 years. This degree instructs students in political economy, conservation biology, global change ecology, environmental policy and agroecology. It provides students with deep intellectual strength in this field and helps them have a thorough understanding of environmental problems.

The PhD in environmental science is a rigorous, interdisciplinary course of study. It clarifies and improves understanding of environmental problems in addition to helping students identify solutions to these problems. Students explore social, natural, cultural, urban and other environments and connect conventional practices.

Admissions Requirements
Candidates need to have a master's degree in environmental science to enroll in a doctoral program in this field. They may have to provide transcripts and letters of recommendation as well. Other requirements may vary by school.

Doctorate in Environmental Science Curriculum
Environmental science doctoral programs allow students to learn about applied ecology, environment and culture and health and environment. The curriculum also includes topics such as critical urban research, policy and management and environmental politics, critical development studies and globalization. The program is based heavily on research and helps in promoting collaborative and interdisciplinary research amongst scientists from diverse disciplines.

Career Outlook
Job opportunities for environmental science specialists are expected to grow much faster than the average rate for all occupations. Students with doctoral degrees in environmental sciences can opt to teach at college level or become researchers. Environmental scientists can also work with consultancy firms and earn in the range of $37,000 to $107,000 a year.

Online Doctoral in Environmental Sciences
Online environmental science doctoral programs are also offered for aspiring environmental scientists. These programs help learners to study at timings that suit their personal routine and earn a degree at their own pace. Students are provided with various online technologies that can help them learn as effectively as those present in traditional classrooms. Using emails, chat forums, online libraries etc., allows students to learn various advanced concepts in this field, communicate with the instructors and stay in touch with classmates from any location.

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