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Bachelor in Interdisciplinary Studies

Students who want to become social workers, teachers, researchers or advertising managers can pursue the interdisciplinary studies degrees. These programs are designed to help students have a well-rounded education by combining a variety of courses in literature, sociology, and physical sciences to open up several career paths for them. A degree in interdisciplinary studies may lead students to a variety of careers. Job outlook for advertising managers looks good with 12% growth rate from 2012 to 2022, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The BLS also reported that employment for kindergarten and elementary school teachers is expected to grow at 12% during the same timeline.

Bachelor in Interdisciplinary Studies
A number of degree programs are available in interdisciplinary studies. Students can work towards the bachelor's or master's programs. These programs help students acquire leadership, analytical and problem-solving skills. They also help students develop communication skills.  Students can pursue a bachelor's degree that can help them qualify for various jobs or opt for master's degree to advance their career opportunities.

A bachelor's degree in interdisciplinary studies covers a wide array of topics. Student can take courses in social psychology, digital media art, mass media, literature museum studies and nonprofit leadership and management. In addition, they can also choose to study international law, philosophy and management.

Online Interdisciplinary Studies Programs
In addition to traditional schools, some online institutes also offer degrees in interdisciplinary studies. The online format may be useful for working adults, those with physical disabilities as well as international students. Candidates in the distance learning programs can study from any location and at timings that suit their individual routine. These programs are self-paced so students may complete them at their own convenience.

Admissions Requirements
Students who want to get into the interdisciplinary studies degrees need to hold a high school diploma or its equivalent. Some programs may require students to have previous college credits. Applicants may also have to submit letters of recommendation and statement of purpose. Other admission requirements may vary by school.

Career Prospects
A degree in interdisciplinary studies may help students qualify for several positions. They may become social workers, writers, administrators, business managers or teachers. They may work in schools, colleges, hospitals, advertising agencies or nonprofit organizations. Their income would depend on various factors such as location, type of job and experience.

Finding a School
The choice of the right school can make all the difference in the career of students. This is why it is important to look for the best programs. Students should explore the schools that offer interdisciplinary studies degrees and check out the quality of their faculty as well as other details. They should explore and compare the best options so that they can pick the right program according to their individual career goals. Similarly, students interested in pursuing an undergrad degree in interdisciplinary studies online must also ensure that the online college or university is accredited. Degrees obtained from accredited online schools alone may be worth the time and effort of students.

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