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Associate in Interdisciplinary Studies

As the name suggests, this area of study is highly eclectic. Students complete a degree in the area by combining elements from a variety of areas. This unique major allows students to analyze a topic or theme from different perspectives, and hence they are able to develop a more comprehensive understanding therein.

Students of interdisciplinary studies can concentrate in areas like women’s health by studying community service, cultural studies, and relevant science and mathematics courses. These will expose them to various areas of study while preparing them for one industry area.

What is an Associate in Interdisciplinary Studies?

An associate degree in interdisciplinary studies is a two-year program offered in community colleges and some universities. Students choose a Research Program which is split between a course of study – with courses taken from multiple disciplines – and a Senior Thesis which consolidates their learning into a single document.

The two-year program is highly recommended for individuals interested in conducting research in a particular area. Because of its shortened duration, students are able to focus exactly on core courses and prepare themselves for the real world. Graduates of such programs are able to enter multiple fields given their diverse background, putting them in high demand.

Who can apply?

Many universities follow variations to the same core criteria. High-school graduates can apply for these programs if they have a valid diploma and have taken the SAT or ACT. Those who have not completed high school can apply for these programs upon taking the General Education Development (GED) test and satisfying the school’s requirements.

What will I learn?

This is where the benefits of the degree come into full effect. Each student has the option of creating a completely personalized course spread, relevant to his or her areas of interest. The university you apply to will have certain requirements to follow, but students have considerable freedom over the topics they want to study.

If you wish to enter the criminal justice system, you can take courses in social theory, community services, and courses in writing to help you draft legal documents better. You can also obtain a degree in fields such as arts management or international studies.

Online Associate in Interdisciplinary Studies

While the two-year program is shorter than standard bachelor’s degrees, some students may find the cost of community college expensive, or the idea of attending a traditional campus difficult. In order to make education more accessible, online degrees in interdisciplinary studies are also available. Students can enroll in these programs and attend classes virtually. The online element allows them to stay connected at all times. The degree awarded at the end of the program is recognized professionally as well.

Future Prospects

With your diverse skill set, you can enter the professional industry in the field you concentrated in or in disciplines you chose courses from. You can also extend your studies by enrolling in a bachelor’s program. Some universities offer bridge-programs between associate and bachelor degrees, shortening the duration of the latter.

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