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Doctoral in Health Science

Doctoral in Health Science
The healthcare sector is one of the largest and the fastest growing areas in the country's economy. Doctors and nurses are not the only players in this dynamic sector; patient care technicians, ultrasound technicians, medical coders, etc. also play an integral role in the efficient working of the healthcare system. Moreover, like other sectors this area also requires leaders, policy makers, and administrators to streamline the whole process of healthcare. These people not only manage the day to day functioning of healthcare facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes but also look at the entire healthcare system with a broad perspective and search for ways to improve the processes. Such people usually have a doctoral in health science as such a degree effectively prepares them for research, investigation and implementation of better health policies.

Scope of Health Science Doctoral Programs
A doctorate in health science is the highest degree for healthcare professionals. A doctoral of health science program is usually for people already in the healthcare industry looking for ways to improve their career and adopt leadership positions in the industry. People can either opt for a doctorate in basic health science or they can go for a public health PhD that is specifically dedicated to policy making training. Moreover, some universities also offer a doctoral in health science with a global health perspective. Such health science doctoral programs are quite effective for achieving administrative positions in NGOs operating in the third world countries. A PhD in nursing is also considered as a doctoral in health science as nurses are prepared for leadership and teaching positions in this doctoral program.

Typically, all doctoral of health science programs focus on the following areas of study:

  • Health Law
  • Health Policy
  • Leadership
  • Evidence-based Health Practice
  • Health Professions Education
Career Prospects
A doctorate in health science is for dynamic individuals looking for ways to enhance their career prospects. The prospects are definitely brightened as now they can work as administrators in hospitals, nursing homes, etc. Moreover, they can work in the departments dedicated to health policy in government and non-government organizations.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What courses will I get to study if I opt for PhD Health Science?

A:If you are planning to opt for PhD Health Science, you'll get to study a number of courses, as it is the highest degree. Some topics you'll need to master include health care law, health policy and management, human resource management, organizational performance in health care, financial accounting and health policy and management.

Q:Health Care Information Systems was mentioned when searching for Doctoral in Health Science. What is included in this course?

A:Health Care Information Systems would be mentioned when searching for Doctoral in Health Science. This course primarily deals with the development of health care information systems in medical facilities. Students with the help of this course also learn about Management Information Systems, Models, Collecting, Storing and Retrieving Data and a complete understand of Health Care Law and Regulations.

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