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Certificate in Health Science

The field of health science is a broad field that covers all aspects of provision of healthcare services. The healthcare sector has seen tremendous growth in the last few decades and this trend has been predicted to continue. Health science offers extensive options to people in terms of career as depending on the personality and aptitude they can opt to become doctors, nurses, pharmacists, technicians, medical coders, administrators, etc. A certificate in health science is the quickest way of entering this emotionally and financially rewarding sector.


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Scope of Health Science Certificate Programs
A certificate of health science can be achieved in practical nursing, medical coding & billing, diagnostic medical sonography, etc. Such health science certificate programs can be completed in a year's time; moreover, many schools offer cutting-edge programs leading to a certificate in health science via e-learning. Therefore, many people who are working or managing families can study in their own time from anywhere without any need for commuting. However, some online certificate in health science programs such as those providing training in nursing or sonography require clinical experience at a local medical facility.

Typically, the following courses are always a part of a certificate of health science program irrespective of whether specializing in nursing or medical office administration:

  • Human Anatomy
  • Human Physiology
  • Medical Terminology
  • Basic Pharmacy

Who Should Apply?
A certificate in health science is an ideal way of starting a career for people returning to their education after a hiatus due to personal commitments. It is a lucrative career that is also emotionally satisfying due to its role in provision of healthcare services to the community; however, most of the health science professions require caring and empathic individuals who genuinely want to help the patients.

Career Prospects
People with a certificate in health science in fields like nursing, patient care, sonography, etc. should sit in the certification exams of their related subject and join hospitals, nursing homes, medical offices, etc. People with a specialization in medical coding and billing can even work from home.

How long does it take to get a Certificate in Health Sciences?

Typically, getting a certificate in health sciences can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years, depending on a number of factors. The course load you choose to take on per semester and how well you plan your program matters most. There are two kinds of certificate programs -  those available at the graduate level and those available at the undergraduate level.  Both are concise and inexpensive ways to pick up a new skill without investing in a longer degree like a master's program.

What are the requirements to get a Certificate in Health Sciences?

Different programs will have varying sets of requirements. If you want to get a post-graduate certificate in health sciences, you will have to write two papers worth 30 points each. A certificate can be used to specialize in a particular sub-set in a field e.g. if you want to get a certificate in addiction, you are required to take some of the following courses:

•    Addiction Assessment

•    Addiction Applied Therapy

•    Addiction Pharmacotherapy

•    Addiction Treatment

How much can I make with a Certificate in Health Sciences?

After getting a bachelor's degree in addition to a certificate in health sciences, you can become a medical and clinical laboratory technologist or technician. You would work mostly in a hospital or other medical centers. As of May 2018, medical and clinical laboratory technologists/technicians made a median wage of $52,330 per year and $25.16 per hour, as per data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The number of jobs available in this industry in 2016 was 335,700.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What will I be taught in the Health Care Economics course taught in Certificate of Health Science?

A:You will get to study a number of courses in Certificate of Health Science. Health Care Economics is one of them. In this specific course, the students get to study about some of the major economical issues faced by the field of health care around the United States and also around the globe.

Q:What are the contents of the course on International Management in the Certificate in Health Science?

A:The Certificate in Health Science has dedicated course on International Management. Students are provided with strong understanding of the impacts of the international business on various countries and how the different policies and politics affect the decision making processes. Students are furthermore also given strong hands on experience in this course.

Q:Can I earn a health science certificate online?

A:Yes, you can easily pursue a health science certificate program online. Many schools are now offering distant education programs to students who do not have access to campus based classes. Online programs are more convenient to pursue, and are also affordable. Those who are already working in professional fields can earn this degree without having to quit their day time jobs.

Q:What's the coursework for health sciences certificate?

A:Typically, the courses that are generally a part of a certificate of health science program, be it a specialization in nursing or medical office administration, include topics in human anatomy, human physiology, medical terminology and basic pharmacy. The exact curriculum varies from school to school and from program to program.

Q:What is the concept and scope of fields in health science certification?

A:A certificate of health science can be achieved in practical nursing, medical coding & billing, diagnostic medical sonography, etc. Such health science certificate programs can usually be completed in a year's time. E-learning is also an option nowadays. Through E learning programs, many people who are working or managing families can study in their own time from anywhere without any need for commuting.

Q:Do you have information on certificate health science?

A:A Certificate in health science can be taken in various areas like in nursing, medical billing or other areas of medicine. These programs are generally one year long and thus can get you in the field faster. At times these certificates include theoretical as well as practical training as in nursing and sonography certifications.

Q:While searching on health science career studies certificate, I read about a course in Family System Dynamics. Can you describe what is taught in this course?

A:This course will explain and develop different theories and models that can be used to design strategies to enhance family health and prevent diseases. Students will be taught about various family structures and their related functions. You will learn how to manage cultural differences amongst families. Moreover you will learn to identify and utilize family data in order to monitor the health of families.

Q:What is Certification in Health Science and long will it take to complete the program?

A:A certification in health science is a short non-degree program. It is designed to provide students with current knowledge about the field, and update their professional skills. The duration of the program will depend upon which college you pick. Some institutes offer certificate programs with a 6 month duration, while others are offering the program with a 12 month duration.

Q:What Certificate in Health Science will help me acquire quality education?

A:If you want to select a quality certificate in Health Science, you must select an accredited program. Accredited programs are approved by the relevant accrediting agencies because they fulfill the required education standards. They follow teaching methods and a curriculum that are likely to help students in gaining better skills and career.

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