How to Become A Glazier

Typically, a Glazier’s job is to install, replace or repair glass doors, dividers or windows. Glaziers may choose to work in commercial environments such as office building and malls etc. or they may work in residential areas or smaller shops etc.

Should I Become a Glazier?

Glaziers not only work with glass, they also handle metals, plastic, marble and soldering materials etc. Their work requires them to be mindful of their surroundings to avoid hazardous accidents since they mainly work with brittle or sharp materials. Glaziers may also be required to work long hours in addition to having strength and stamina for lifting heavy objects and climbing ladders etc.

Education Required

At least a high school diploma or GED

Major Requirement

Not Applicable




Apprenticeship or Traineeship is required

Key Skills

Balance, Communication, Physical Stamina & Strength, Hand-eye Coordination and so on.

Annual Mean Salary (2019)


Job Outlook (2018-2028)


Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Outlook for Glaziers

According to the data reported by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2019, Glaziers earned $49,810 as their annual mean salary which approx. equates to $23.95 mean wage per hour. Moreover, BLS predicted an 11% rise in their employment level between 2018 and 2028 which is considered to be faster than the average for all other occupations. Their demand is expected to grow because of the constant increase in construction, replacement or repair in both, commercial and residential buildings.

In addition to that, BLS listed Local Government, excluding schools and hospitals as the top paying industry for this profession in 2019 with an annual mean salary of $73,880. Not only that, California was named as the state with the highest employment rate (6,470) for this career. New Jersey was listed as the top paying state with an annual mean salary of $73,110 for this occupation.

Steps to Become a Glazier

If you are interested in working as a Glazier but are not well-equipped to enter this field, here is a step-by-step guideline to help you begin.

Step-1: Education and Training

To work as a Glazier, you must at least obtain a high school diploma or a GED. Without a high school degree or equivalent, it would be difficult for you to get an apprenticeship or a traineeship position. This field requires proper training under the supervision of an expert. Usually, it takes about 4 years of training which includes approx. 144 hours of training in the technical areas such as installation methods and reading blueprints etc. In addition to that, every year, prospective Glaziers also get 2,000 hours of paid training.

Step-2: Certifications and Licensure

Although getting certified or licensed is not required, doing so may benefit you when it comes to getting better job opportunities. The Auto Glass Safety Council is one of the professional institutions that provide certifications to aspiring Glaziers. To be eligible for a certification, you must pass a written exam and a practical test. 

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