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Associates Degree in Entrepreneurship

Associate of Entrepreneurship programs enable you to make your way into the thriving world of business. You will be able to participate in different business ventures by earning this degree. As setting up your own business can be a perfect way to start a career, enrolling in Associate of Entrepreneurship degree programs can be exactly what you need. If you have the potential to establish your own business, these training programs can be very beneficial for you.

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Degree Outcomes

With an associate’s degree in entrepreneurship, you can acquire the following knowledge and skills.

  • Skills to plan and run a small business
  • Develop a business and marketing plan for a small business
  • Learn professional presentation techniques for sales and marketing
  • Build social media campaigns
  • Utilize different promotional marketing tools
  • Prepare an employee handbook
  • Acquire basic accounting and computer skills
  • Make an effective customer service plan
  • Plan, implement, and evaluate projects
  • Acquire skills to facilitate problem solving in teams

Eligibility Criteria

You need to have a high school diploma or GED in order to successfully enroll into an Associate in Entrepreneurship program. Other admissions criteria may vary from school to school.

The Scope of Associate of Entrepreneurship Degree programs
Associate of Entrepreneurship programs span over 2 years. These programs are offered by campus based as well as online institutes.Courseworkfor the degree may differ from one institute to another;however, following are some of the core courses offered in an entrepreneurship program:


This course enables students to effectively deal with the challenges of a fast paced and dynamic business environment. Students also learn about the importance of creativity and risk taking in different entrepreneurial situations. They will also find out and analyze the qualities of successful entrepreneurs.

Financial Accounting

Accounting is a language of business that helps entrepreneurs in developing a framework for starting and growing an enterprise. This course is designed in a practical way so that students can gain a sound understanding of accounting principles and practices. It also enables students to get an insight about an accountant’s role in an entrepreneurial venture.

Business Innovation

This course is geared toward enhancing brainstorming capabilities of students so that they can come up with new business ideas. Students will explore techniques that inspire creativity, utilize market and customer insights, and identify successful business ideas. Coursework will also include critical thinking methods, assessment to identify new business opportunities, and concept feasibility.

Evaluating New Business Opportunities

This course is designed to find new business opportunities for entrepreneurs and design tools for evaluating these opportunities. Students will apply these tools and techniques to their business, product, or service, in order to prepare a business strategy for the new venture. The course will also help students to identify key obstacles to the success of a new business and make plans to reduce the risks associated with those obstacles.

Funding a New Business

Financing a new venture is a challenging process and requires both business acumen and creativity. This course will enable students to assess the financial value of a startup business idea and pitch an idea to receive funding. Different sources of capital funding will also be identified in the course, such as angel investors. Besides, the course will include quantitative decision making for daily decisions and long term activities.

Sales and Marketing for New Business Ventures

This course emphasizes on building sales and marketing programs that focus on guerilla tactics, along with traditional and online marketing techniques. It covers unique features like internet marketing strategies such as search engine optimization and social media to enhance the growth of a start-up business. Students will also acquire an understanding of business-to-business and business-to- consumer sales strategies.

Technology for Today’s Entrepreneur

This course is based on in increasing efficiency and maximizing collaboration of a business with the help of latest technology tools.  Students will learn how to use technology and business intelligence to increase the number of business and communication strategies.
Online Associate of Entrepreneurship Programs
You can also choose to receive an Associate in Entrepreneurship degree online. There are several online accredited schools that offer these trainings. The online programs are more cost effective as well as more flexible than the traditional associate degree training.


Other than establishing your own business you can also pursue a thriving career within various fields by earning Associate of Entrepreneurship degrees. You can work in various fields such as:

Mid-level management

Middle level managers have the responsibility to convert ideas into execution. Graduates with an entrepreneurship degree are well equipped to perform this task effectively and therefore are well suited for this opportunity.

Business consultant

The Fortune 500 companies are filled with business consultants, as these companies require people who can go to a client site, identify problems, and come up with effective solutions. Since entrepreneurs are used to such activities, they can become really good business consultants.

Research and development

The field of research and development requires individuals to have a sound understanding of business concepts, procedures, and practices. With the training and education acquired from an entrepreneurship degree, graduates are well prepared for such a position.


Graduates do not need to just teach entrepreneurship to students. Instead they can teach students various courses and core competencies such as math, history, and literature, and enable students to consider these areas from an entrepreneurial perspective.

Business reporter

If entrepreneurship graduates have the ability to write articles, they are in an ideal position to cover a local business beat. They will be able to understand the field and concepts and can harness their knowledge to make the business section more interesting and informative.

How Long Does It Take to Complete an Associate Degree in Entrepreneurship?

A 2-year associate's degree in Entrepreneurship is commonly offered by various community and technical colleges such as the Central Penn College, Kaplan University, McKinley College and many others. Some colleges offer associate's degree in Entrepreneurship as a full/part-time online degree while others offer it as full/part-time on-campus degree. For better career prospects, it is advantageous to select an accredited degree.

What Are the Requirements to Complete an Associate Degree in Entrepreneurship?

The requirements to complete an associate's degree in Entrepreneurship vary from one institute to another. For example, students of an associate's degree offered at the Central Penn College are required to complete a 180-hour internship or write a research paper to graduate. The curriculum also varies depending on the institution. However, a few common subject areas include Small Business Management, Customer Service, Building Customer Sales and Loyalty,etc.

How Much Can I Make after Completing an Associate Degree in Entrepreneurship?

After completing an associate's degree in Entrepreneurship, some graduates opt for further education while others choose to work in the field as Management Analysts, Mid-level Managersor Teachers of Business Studies. According to the data provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2018, the annual median income for Management Analysts was $83,610 while a Post-secondary Business Teacher earned $80,300.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Can you please tell me what are the contents of the course on International Management in the Associate in Entrepreneurship?

A:The Associate in Entrepreneurship degree program has dedicated course on International Management. This course usually is of around 2 credits in total. It is designed to offer students with strong understanding of the impacts of the international business on various countries and the in depth understanding to the role of policy making and politics on all of this.

Q:Can you tell me about associate entrepreneurship?

A:Associate entrepreneurship can be taken up after high school. It is a two year program generally that focuses on business concepts. You may study methods of marketing, taking care of administration and finance of a business. Completing the degree you get foundation training to initiate a business. For in depth course you can continue with a bachelor's program.

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