Certificate in Business Administration

Certificate of Business Administration

The Certificate program is aimed at students who do not want to commit to extended degrees and are only interested in the limited exposure that can be attained through a certificate program. Students in the Certificate of Business Administration program take a series of related courses to develop some knowledge and skills in the field.

Structure and duration of the degree program

The Certificate of Business Administration generally expects students to pick their courses in closely related areas. This allows students to obtain a certificate particularly in programs such as human resource management, operations management, marketing and finance. Each course involves some practical work that generally involves working in teams.

Highlights of the coursework

The coursework in a Certificate of Business Administration program is practical in nature and is often developed in consultation with regional employers who are interested in hiring the graduates. The regional employers often contribute to the development of case studies and refining of the curriculum.

Admission criteria and graduation requirements

The Certificate of Business Administration can be pursued by students of any background. A high school diploma is not a must for those who wish to pursue a Certificate of Business Administration. But students are encouraged to have some work experience prior to enrolling.

Career prospects and average salary

The Certificate of Business Administration can supplement your existing qualifications and give you a salary and career boost.

How long does it take to get a certificate in Business Administration?

A certificate in Business Administration will include information about management, marketing, accounts and finances as well as business strategy and communication. A lot of certificate courses and classes are available online, which allow round the clock learning from any location. This, as well as the college and program you pick, will determine the length of your certificate. Generally, certificate programs can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years to complete.

What are the requirements to get a certificate in Business Administration?

To complete a Business Administration program, students need to complete five courses that amount to 3 credit hours each, making a total of 15 credit hours. The admission requirements to get a certificate in Business Administration are listed below. All applicants must

  • Get at least a C+ in High School English
  • Get a C or above in basic High School Math courses like pre-calculus
  • Maintain a grade point average of at least 2.0

Please note that the above information is generic and may not apply to certain colleges and their certification requirements.

How much can I make with a certificate in Business Administration?

For most occupations in the Business and Finance sector as well as the management sector, a minimum requirement of a bachelor’s degree is expected. Adding a certificate to your credentials can increase your earning potential and make your job prospects better. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual pay for business and financial occupations as of May 2018 was $68,350 and jobs in the industry are projected to grow faster than average.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:How much does a Certificate in Business Administration pay?

A:The Certificates program in Business Administration pay quite well and also give a big boost to your existing salary.

Q:Which universities offer a comprehensive Certificate in Business Administration?

A:The universities listed on our website, including the Allied Schools offer some of the best Certificate in Business Administration programs nationwide. Students can get enrolled in campus based or online programs offered by accredited universities like Strayer University.

Q:Do we need to have any diploma to be eligible for the business administration certificate?

A:No. There is no diploma requirement for the Business Administration Certificate. However, students are encouraged to have some prior work experience before getting enrolled in these programs.

Q:What are the certificate of business administration to work total credits?

A:The certificate of business administration has a total of 30 credits. The courses taught in these programs comprise of, finance, marketing and business related subjects.

Q:Which university offers the best curriculum design for Certificate in Business Administration?

A:The universities listed on our website such as the Kaplan International and Strayer university offer some of the most comprehensive and best curriculum design for Certificate in Business Administration.

Q:What is the duration of the online Business Administration certificate?

A:The Certificate in Business Administration is a one year program if pursued in the traditional campus based institute. However, the duration can differ if the program is opted in the online course. Online programs are self paced allowing students to take as much time as they see fit to complete the program. They can take more or less than a year to complete.

Q:I read that the salary for certificate of Business Administration increases if you demonstrate knowledge of Strategic Management. What are the contents of this course?

A:Those Certificate of Business Administration programs that have the Strategic Management course are bound to be much heavier and of more significance in the job market. Strategic Management involves the study of increase in productivity and how to plan this out. Students get to learn about how the organization is structured and what are the relationships to the political, social as well as the economic environment.

Q:In an article on what jobs might be available with a Business Administrator certificate, I came across Service Operations Management course. Can you tell me about it?

A:You often come across a number of courses if you read articles such as what jobs might be available with a Business Administrator certificate. Service Operations Management is one of these courses. In this course the students are guided about the work done in the enterprises and organizations related to business management.

Q:How quickly can I complete the business administration certificate online?

A:Business Administration Certificate Online is typcially completed in one year. However, students can take as long as they wish to complete the degree online since online programs are self-paced. Students do not have to rush through the content to match up the speed of their course mates. They get to schedule their own classes and complete the course at a pace they feel is suitable for them.

Q:I am already enrolled in school for Business Administration and Management certificate. My question is what will I study in Bachelor of Business Administration program that I'm planing to opt for afterward?

A:Many people opt for Bachelor of Business Administration after completing certificate of Business Administration. Bachelor of Business Administration is a four year program, and in it the students get to study a number of courses such as accounting, marketing, economics, human resource management, information technology, operations management and quantitative techniques.

Q:What can you do with a business administration certificate?

A:The business world is getting more competitive. Today business management requires professionals trained to handle business processes in an effective manner that improves productivity. With a business administration certificate, one can gain knowledge on the techniques and strategies that can give them the edge and benefit in the long term.

Q:How are business administration certification programs useful?

A:Certificate programs in business administration have become popular. These are short courses that can help students acquire core knowledge about a field and get certified. With a certificate program, one can apply for better paying jobs and also switch careers. It is a great way to enhance business skills and apply them in a working environment.

Q:Can business administration certificate programs be pursued online?

A:Yes, business administration certificate programs can be pursued online. There are many online schools that provide students the opportunity to take programs online. Online education is more convenient and flexible as compared to traditional learning modes. Students can study from their homes without having to travel regularly to attend classes.

Q:Can you tell me about certificate in business administration salary levels?

A:Business administration is a major academic principle that can be pursued at all levels of post-secondary levels. Apart from the main degree programs such as BBA and MBA programs, business administration certificate programs are also gaining popularity. These short courses can help boost the income level of professionals, helping them acquire more professional knowledge and skills. The income level will depend upon the job position and can vary from organization to organization.

Q:Can you give me some information about Business Administration Certificate programs?

A:Business administration is one of the most popularly pursed academic fields at post-secondary education level. Students enrolled in certificate program in business administration can learn about management concepts, strategies, and promotion techniques being used in modern organizations today. The program has a short duration as compared to traditional degree programs.

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