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Advertising entails a number of written, visual and audible forms of expressions for sell products or services. Students in advertising programs learn how to use TV, print media, the internet, radio and other means of communication for promoting companies or their products and services. A number of programs are offered in this area of study. Students can pursue associate, bachelor or master’s degrees in advertising depending on their career goals. A master’s degree in advertising is ideal for students seeking the most rewarding opportunities in advertising agencies and related field.

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Master in Advertising Degrees Program
A master’s degree in advertising is a practical and well-rounded program that provides hands-on training to students in various forms of advertising and marketing. Combining core advertising fundamentals with the up-to-the-minute approaches in digital content and marketing, this program prepares learners to compete in the fast-paced, ever-changing world of communication. Depending on the choice of students, they can customize this program by opting for courses that help them gain an understanding of interactive digital content for instance, or by directing their energies towards international management and marketing.
Admissions Requirements
Students who wish to enroll in a graduate program in advertising should hold a bachelor’s degree in this field. They should also demonstrate creativity and have good communication skills. Undergraduate transcripts, academic and personal references, and work experience are also required to get into these programs. Students should also have proficiency in the English language. Other requirements for admission may vary by school.
Curriculum of a Master in Advertising
The curriculum in a master’s degree in advertising entails a combination of hands-on practical, case studies, research and an array of classroom lessons covering topics such as branding and creative development, mass communication, interactive media, principles and practices of advertising and international marketing. The exact coursework may vary depending on own choice of students. Other course options include international market research, international marketing and strategy and writing for media professionals.
Career Outlook
Students with master’s degrees in advertising can pursue employment opportunities in media companies, agencies, and other marketing communications organizations. They can become an advertising manager, public relations manager or marketing manager. The income levels of advertising professionals depend on the type of positions they hold. On average, graduates of a master’s degree in advertising can make in the range of $41,000 to $166,000 a year.
Online Master in Advertising
The option of an online masters’ degree in advertising is also available. The ones who cannot pursue regular classes can take the online route. Students can study from the comfort of their home and earn a master’s degree in this concentration at their own pace.
Continuing Education
Once students earn a graduate degree in advertising, they can pursue doctoral-level studies. They can choose to take on the thesis track that will prepare them for marketing research or education careers.  Students can also pursue advertising certification programs. These programs provide industry-specific education for aspiring advertising writers, art directors and account executives. They help students learn the creative aspects of advertising through hands-on studio work combined with strategic and theoretical perspectives.

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Masters in Advertising


Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Should I earn an advertising degree?

A:The field of marketing is experiencing a growth due to high industry competition. There are many career opportunities available in this field as employers continue to search for competent and skilled professionals. However, many employers show a preference for applicants who have a solid base of advertising knowledge and a degree in this specialization. An associate degree might be considered sufficient for some entry level positions; whereas a graduate degree may help you qualify for advanced job positions. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, advertising and marketing managers made a median annual income of $115,750 in 2012. The demand for such professionals is growing at a fast rate. By pursuing a degree in marketing, you can look forward to employment in a wide range of industries ranging from advertisement to retail and from media to manufacturing. (Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Q:What is masters in advertising?

A:A masters program in advertising is a higher educational qualification that prepares students to work in advertising agencies, marketing communication companies and media corporations. Some students pursue this degree to prepare for further education at doctoral level. Students enrolled in this program acquire a broad understanding of the marketing world combined with its role in the contemporary culture. This degree can take one or two years to complete, depending on which institute you enroll in. A comprehensive thesis may be required at the end of the two years in some degree programs. Some of the courses covered in the curriculum are: accounting, finance, marketing, human resource and business management. It is also possible to enroll in an online masters degree in advertising.

Q:What can i do with a masters in advertising?

A:A masters degree in advertising is a graduate qualification that can be pursued after the completion of a bachelor degree. The program aims at equipping students with advanced knowledge about marketing and promotions. This degree is recommended for advanced job positions in the field. There are many different career paths you can consider pursuing with this degree. You can work as a brand manager, marketing manager, marketing research executive, public relations specialist, and more. The income level will dependent upon factors such as specialization, experience, and employer organization. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, advertising promotions, and marketing managers made a median annual income of $115,750 in 2012. Advertising majors are highly demanded by advertising agencies, publications, media houses, and relevant organizations. (Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics)

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