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Bachelor in Animation

Animation is fast becoming one of the most popular mediums of entertainment, marketing and even education. It is being studied all over the world as one of the most popular fields of visual arts.

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Bachelor of Animation is a four-year degree program offered at most universities across the country. The degree is awarded after a completion of 120 credit points. The coursework is based on theory and some universities grant the degree after the completion of a brief externship. The degree is sometimes offered as Bachelor of Fine Arts with specialization in animation.

As a part of Bachelor of Animation, students have to study traditional principles of animation, 3D animation, animation applications that are used in film making, television and commercial, multimedia authoring/design, conceptual development, special effects, digital composing and production projects. The degree is based on practical course work and students are given hands-on experience in animation.

Animation is one of the most costly production methods in the entertainment industry. That is why jobs in the field are lucrative. It is not just with the production houses or film studios that you might find jobs, a Bachelor of Animation can enable you to work with marketing agencies which are increasingly relying on animated marketing. Gaming, which is one of the largest industries in the country, has an immense employment potential for those with a Bachelor of Animation. The median-level salary for those with a Bachelor in Animation is around $55,000 which is comparatively higher than most of the fields.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What will I learn in a bachelors in animation & designing?

A:A bachelor degree in animation and design is geared towards preparing students for job positions as animators and designers. The program entails a wide range of subjects that teach students how top create animation figures. From color concepts to graphic layout, students gain in-depth understanding of what the field is all about.

Q:I am currently working. Can I acquire an online BA in Animation?

A:If you are a working professional, it is possible for you to acquire an online degree in animation. Online education lets you have a lot of control over your time. You can complete courses according to your preference and have a schedule of your own as well. While bachelor's degree normally takes four years to complete, online degrees may take more or less time, depending on your pace.

Q:What is the Bs in Animation program aimed at?

A:A bachelor degree in animation is aimed at prepping students for careers in animation. Students will learn how to create animated objects. The coursework will cover many fields such as character design, drawing, information technology, story board, and more. To find out more about animation degree programs, take a look at our page.

Q:I am looking for a quality BS animation degree. How can I find the right program?

A:If you are looking for a BS Animation degree, it is important that you look for accredited programs to acquire quality education and avail better career prospects. Other important factors to consider include the coursework, qualifications of faculty, tuition cost, availability of scholarships, and the overall repute of the school.

Q:What do I require for an animation BA?

A:If you want to take admission in an animation BA, you will need a high school diploma of GED. Animation schools may also test your aptitude for the degree program. They may assess your drawing skills and creativity that is required to be a successful animator. Art courses and a portfolio can help you in getting admission to a reputed school.

Q:What is a Ba Animation degree and what are the main course components?

A:A BA in animation is a degree program designed for individuals who want to work as an animator. The program will allow students to understand the technical concepts and techniques used in this field. The curriculum typically entails theory-based subjects along with practical courses that allow students to build skills.

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