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Certificate in Animation

What is Animation?Animation is the display of two or three dimensional images in a manner that simulates movement. Thanks to a number of movies and TV programs, animation is no longer a strange and mysterious art that only a technological genius can comprehend. Professionals in the field of animation perform functions such as modeling, design and rendering of 3D objects using different software. A Certificate in Animation includes extensive practical training in the areas of media presentation, character animation, and web design, where students learn how to bring various objects on their computer screens to life, and create a life-like environment.

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How can I get a Certificate in Animation?
In order to enroll in a Certificate in Animation, applicants must have at least a high school diploma or GED. Those who have completed a higher degree in IT, media design, or a related field can enroll in advanced certificates in animation. A Certificate of Animation can be obtained in six months to one year, depending on the level of the program and the number of courses included. Some of the courses included in Animation Certificate Programs include Foundations for Computer Graphics, Modeling, Industrial Design, Environmental Modeling and Lighting and Rendering. Students also take courses in Character Animation, Rigging, Bipedal Rigging, Body Motion, Texturing, Painting Techniques, Iconic Presentation, Advanced Rigging, and Secondary Motion Controls. Students are instructed in the use of software such as Adobe Flash and Autodesk Maya in order to tackle various aspects of animation such as Mapping, Set Design, and other visual effects. Before students can graduate, they complete a final project that includes multimedia and animation design.

Future Prospects for Animation Certificate Programs Graduates
Throughout the world, the media industry in particular has seen a huge growth in the demand for animation professionals. Additionally, the web design and development sector is also witnessing a surge in the demand for Animation Certificate Programs graduates. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities for holders of a Certificate in Animation are expected to increase by 13 percent through 2018. Most jobs will be created in the Motion Picture and Video Industries, followed by Independent Businesses, Software Publishers, and Marketing and Advertising Agencies. 

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