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Bachelor in Technology E Business

The Bachelor of Technology/E Business equips your with the skills and knowledge required for working in numerous organizations that use technology to promote their business. These include companies whose operations involve online advertising, website design, search engine optimization, data mining and information systems.

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Structure and duration of the degree program
The Bachelor of Technology/E Business program is offered in both traditional classroom and online formats. This flexibility accommodates the career plans of all kinds of students. The first half involves core courses in programming and design. The focus in the final phase of the program is on the business aspects and management of complex projects involving several people at a time.

Highlights of the coursework
This program focuses on the instruction of technology platforms. Technology continues to evolve and it is important to understand and identify platforms that have been more successful than others. The coursework makes use of case studies that allow students to learn what goes into a successful business. There is also active involvement of local technology firms in the Bachelor of Technology/E Business degree program.

Admission criteria
Those with a high school diploma and courses in mathematics, physics and laboratory science are strong candidates for such a program. This program is particularly suitable for students interested in both technology and business.

Career prospects and average salary
Graduates of Bachelor of Technology/E Business degree program are in high demand in business corporations, healthcare organizations, and technology firms. Professions related to this discipline also offer respectable salaries. For instance, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median annual wage of management analysts was $78,600 in May 2012.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:A Bachelor in Technology E Business is designed for what purpose?

A:A bachelor degree in E business is basically an undergraduate program. It is designed to provide students with in-depth understanding of the technological factors that affect the business world of today. Students will get to study areas such as online commerce, technology and information systems, management, programming, and project implementation.

Q:What curriculum is covered by Technology E Business Bachelor Programs?

A:A technology E business Bachelor Program prepares candidates to work in organizations that use technology to promote business. It includes courses in programming and design and technology platforms. The course structure usually constitutes of case studies which enable students to learn how to operate a business successfully. The program also focuses on management and business matters of complicated projects.

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