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Associate Degree in Programming

With the prevalent use of computers in all aspects of modern life, the requirement for professionals who can write and implement software has increased. Programming is the process of writing, testing and troubleshooting computer code. A degree in programming can open up a wide range of careers in the IT industry.

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Program Structure and Coursework
The two year Associate of programming degree introduces students to programming languages such as C++, Java and Visual Basic. The design and architecture of computer hardware and software is taught. Students learn about algorithms, data structures and different operating systems. Computer networks, database creation and management are also part of the curriculum of an Associate of programming degree. Students learn about HTML, PHP and JavaScript programming. Students are introduced to a variety of programming languages and learn how to create code in these.

Careers in Programming
An Associate of programming degree can open up entry level careers as computer programmers or software engineers. In order to make a more successful career, it is important to pursue a Bachelor degree in the field after completion of the Associate program. Software development companies, computer manufacturers and Internet companies among others can employ those with programming skills. Programmers can find employment opportunities in government agencies, insurance firms and educational institutions as well. Some programmers may choose to work freelance on different projects that require computer coding. Those with an Associate of programming degree can earn between 30,000 to 50,000 US dollars on average.  

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Which courses are taught in Associate in Programming degree programs?

A:The students are introduced to courses like Design and architecture of computer hardware and software, C++, Visual basic and JavaScript programming. Through these courses, individuals can get hands on knowledge about algorithms, data structures and different languages that can help them secure leading careers in this field.

Q:What is the usual duration of an associate degree in programming?

A:An associate degree in programming is an undergraduate program. It is designed to provide students with fundamental knowledge of programming and prepare them for entry-level roles. The typical duration of an associate degree is two years. However, the duration of the program will depend upon which school you choose to enroll in. Some schools are offering accelerated associate programs which can be completed in less than two years.

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