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Post Bacc Programs in Computer Systems

Introduction to computer systems:
Computers and information technology have transformed the way we communicate, shop, work, study and entertain ourselves. The very way we live has been changed and today computers are found in everything from our alarm clocks to the cars we drive to the nuclear reactors which light up our nation. Computer systems are used to streamline the managerial processes in any business and provide for communication between offices across the world. They are also being increasingly implemented in manufacturing units, assembly lines and for carrying out research to develop high quality products that meet customer demands.

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What post-bacc programs of computer systems are offered?
These days the market is overflowing with people holding a bachelor’s degree in computer systems. In order to stand out from the crowd and to have better chances for advancement, it is essential that you obtain a post-baccalaureate certificate or degree in computer systems. Most certification programs last six months and are highly specialized, aimed at making your proficient in the use of a particular software or information system. You can also obtain a two-year master’s degree in the field, or go for a four-year long doctoral degree in computer systems. These degrees are ideal if you wish to join a managerial post after graduating.

What are the future prospects?
The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has identified the information technology sector as one of the fastest growing in the country. Employment opportunities will increase by about 17% as more and more offshore jobs are brought back home. A master’s degree or a PhD in computer systems is the ideal choice for any business, government organization or educational institution. Average earnings for post-bacc degree holders in this field currently stand at $137,000 per year.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:How are Post Bacc Programs in Computer Systems different from certification programs?

A:The two programs do not have much in common and they offer very different skill sets to students. A Post Bacc Program in Computer Science will instruct the student in a broader range of disciplines so that they can work in varied environments. On the other hand certification programs tend to be very specific and will only allow you to work on certain programs.

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