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Schools in Louisiana

Home to some of the well-reputed universities in the world, Louisiana offers plenty of learning opportunities to students with diverse career goals. There are several post-secondary institutions including public four-year colleges and universities, technical colleges and private colleges, universities, or career schools in the state that offer degrees and certificates in scores of concentrations such as web design, nursing, sports medicine, creative writing, and more.Outside the classroom, Louisiana students may explore scores of student organizations, study abroad, placement service, health service, service-learning and undergraduate research opportunities that make learning an exciting and inspiring experience.

Programs of Study

Louisiana students can pursue traditional degrees such as the associate, bachelor, master or doctoral programs at the schools in the state. Some of the areas of study they can choose from are business, engineering, nursing, information technology, art and design and management. Programs are also available in humanities and social sciences including areas such as economics, English, liberal arts, psychology and more.

Trade Schools in Louisiana

Individuals seeking a career specific training in Indiana can find a number of trade or vocational schools in the state. These schools offer certificates and degree programs such as computerized accounting specialist, medical office specialist, medical assistant, medical records transcriptionist, and more. Those who want to pursue a career in a technical field such as air conditioning technician can also find relevant training programs in Louisiana trade schools. Besides, some schools offer programs in cosmetology and massage therapy for those interested in becoming massage therapists or cosmetologists.

Online Schools in Louisiana

Colleges and universities in the state of Louisiana offer web-based academic programsas well. These include degrees from the associate to PhD level as well as certificates and short courses in various area of study including accounting, nursing, art, business and biology.The coursework presented in the online classes is the same quality as the material in the regular classes, but in an electronic format.

Students are provided with a number of applications to participate in classes,organize their homework assignments and set alarms/reminders. They can also participate in the classes using apps on iPhone, Android, Kindle, or through the school websites. Plenty of online learning resources are also provided to learners such as online libraries that help them study from the comfort of their homes.

To participate in the online programs in Louisiana, students need to meet some technology requirements. They should have a personal computer with a high speed internet connection.Besides, it is also important to have word processing software and webcam & headset.

Financial Aid

Similar to most academic institutes across the nation, the colleges in Louisiana offer financial assistance to help students afford a quality education. Students can benefit from several grant and loan programs to finance their education. Grants such as Pell, FSEOG, Pennsylvania's PHEAA State Grant Program and Florida State Grant Program are available. Candidates may also avail federal loans such as Stafford Loans.Depending on their financial needs, they may possibly get a single award or apply a combination of scholarships, grants and work-study programs.

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