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One of the most critical seaport cities in the US is New Orleans. Located in Louisiana, it is the state’s largest city and a commercial giant; there are numerous corporations and businesses throughout the city. With significant importance in US history, New Orleans has a mix of old and contemporary infrastructure. Colleges in New Orleans offer a variety of majors and courses, and there are several schools students may choose to attend. You may find numerous degree programs in New Orleans that are also available online.

Financial Aid in New Orleans Federal Aid

Federal aid is available for students studying in New Orleans. Students may apply for this aid by submitting the FAFSA application. Receiving federal financial aid may be based on eligibility and availability.

Federal aid includes:

  • Need based subsidized loans for undergraduate students
  • Interest based subsidized loans for both graduate and undergraduate students
  • PLUS loans
  • Federal grants like Pell Grants

Louisiana State Scholarship

The Taylor Opportunity Program for Students (TOPS) offered by the Louisiana Department of Education is a state-run scholarship program for eligible students who attend an approved college or university in Louisiana. The TOPS scholarship comprises of four awards, which are:

  • TOPS Opportunity Award
  • TOPS Honors Award
  • TOPS Tech Award
  • TOPS Performance Award

Which academic programs are available?

Colleges in New Orleans offer a diverse collection of academic programs and degrees that range from certificate programs to doctoral degrees.

These academic programs provide the students with profound knowledge and in-depth understanding of the subject area they choose to study. Students are required to complete a rigorous and challenging curriculum. In addition to this, many programs require the students to complete internships, in order to give them a real world perspective before stepping into professional life.

Some of the programs offered by universities in New Orleans include:

  • Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

Several colleges that offer this program allow the students to choose a specialization option; integrated behavioral health or executive nurse leader. The doctor of nursing practice program focuses on the clinical aspects of nursing care and disease process.

Students enrolled in this degree program may choose subjects such as:

  • Advanced pathophysiology
  • Philosophy of science
  • Primary adult care
  • Advanced pharmacology
  • Health policy
  • Economics and healthcare
  • Healthcare finance
  • Healthcare informatics
  • Evidence based research and practice
  • Advanced health assessment
  • Juris Doctor (J.D.)

A J.D. degree is a professional law degree that can be completed in three years with full time enrollment. This law degree provides primary training for lawyers. In addition, students are introduced to various aspects of law. This program also introduces the students to past cases to give them a better understanding of how the legal system works.

Core curriculum includes:

  • Tort law
  • Commercial law
  • Real estate law
  • International law
  • Criminal law
  • Criminal procedures
  • Taxation law
  • Evidence

Apart from being an important seaport, the city of New Orleans is also the host of many graduate and undergraduate students. The colleges and universities in New Orleans look to provide advanced knowledge and develop a solid understanding of the subject matter students choose to study.

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