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Master in Chemistry

Chemistry is the branch of science that deals with man’s prehistoric curiosity about the properties of different matters. It has special significance in the modern times as owing to the depleting natural resources, it has become integral to discover alternate products and Chemistry plays an essential role in this endeavor. Hence, people with a quality Master in Chemistry degree are not just needed in the academic circle, but they are also hired by various industries at prestigious research and management positions.

Scope of Chemistry Master Programs
The field of Chemistry is not only restricted to studying the chemical properties of different elements and compounds; the field has significance in a variety of fields. Take Forensic Science, for example, where Chemistry plays a vital role in discovering clues at a crime scene. Hence, students interested in a Master of Chemistry also have a choice to specialize in a subfield of Chemistry such as Forensic Science, Biochemistry, Physical Chemistry, Material Science, and Food Safety, to name a few.
The coursework of a Master in Chemistry program largely depends on a student’s chosen specialization; however, some courses are an integral part of all Chemistry master programs, which are listed below:

  • Instrumental Analysis
  • Chemical Practices
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • Statistical Thermodynamics

Moreover, a thesis is usually required for degree completion. The program takes one to two years for completion.
Admission Requirements
A GRE test score is normally required with the admission application for the Master of Chemistry program. Some universities recommend that the applicants also give the GRE subject test in Chemistry or Biochemistry. It is assumed that the students have taken an adequate number of Chemistry courses during their undergraduate program.
Career Prospects
People with a Master in Chemistry can not only teach, but they can also find high-paying jobs in pharmaceutical firms and oil companies. They can also join factories to manage the hazardous waste disposal and quality control as chemical supervisors. Moreover, they can work in labs and conduct research to develop new materials.

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Master in Chemistry

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