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With the health care sector booming in the United States, there is a demand for nursing professionals. Individuals need to select a nursing degree according to the type of nursing career they wish to pursue. Following are some of the major degree programs offered for nursing professionals. It is important to note that some institutes offer the following programs as distance learning programs.

Nursing has always been an "in-demand" healthcare career option. Did you know that nursing professionals make up the largest sector of the healthcare industry? With over 2.5 million nurses currently working in the United States, many more are on their way to become one. The growing dynamics of the healthcare sector has stressed the demand for more skilled and trained professionals. If you want to dedicate your career to help the sick and the injured, and wish to make a positive change in the lives of many, nursing may be the perfect career for you.

what are the requirements to apply for online nursing programs?

Associate Degree in Nursing

It is a two year program which awards nurses with an Associate Degree in Nursing or ADN. It includes both clinical and classroom components that prepare students for roles that require nursing theory and practical skills. Many Registered Nurses with an associate’s degree return to school to acquire a bachelors degree or higher.

Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing

A Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BSN) is required by many nursing careers. Like the other bachelor’s degrees, BSN is a four year degree program acquired from a university or college. BSN combines both classroom learning with practical training, generally known as clinical. Clinicals help students acquire hands on training in a clinical setting.

RN to BSN Programs

RN to BSN Programs are designed for Registered Nurses with an associate degree in nursing.  RNs who wish to update their skills and credentials by acquiring a BSN degree can opt for bridge programs, such as RN to BSN programs. RNs can get credits for courses in their associate’s degree and can complete a BSN degree in a shorter duration.

Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

It is an advanced level degree for registered nurses, which is required by nurses who plan to become an advanced practice nurse. Advanced practice nurses include nurse practitioners, nurse anesthetists, clinical nurse specialists, clinical nurse leaders or midwives. MSN degree is also available for entry level RN programs, which gives an option of advanced degree in nursing, to those who have degrees in other fields.

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

DNP is an advanced practice degree which emphasizes on the clinical side of nursing, instead of academic research in a PhD degree. The coursework of DNP can vary according to different educational institutions. However, major areas include advanced practice, leadership, and practical application of clinical research.

Doctor of Nursing Science (DNS)

DNS is a clinical doctorate in nursing science that focuses on the application of research to clinical practice. Students are trained to have investigative skills of a researcher. They are also prepared to have the clinical and leadership skills needed to influence the health care system.

Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing (PhD)

PhD in Nursing is an academic doctorate degree that equips students with various research methods, such as statistics and data analysis. Other areas of the programs include the history and philosophy of nursing science and leadership skills for nurses.

Online Nursing Programs

As there is a growing demand for qualified nurses in the United States, individuals can acquire and continue their education with the help of online programs. Online nursing degree programs help individuals get a nursing degree in a cost-effective and flexible way. These programs allow students to learn at their own pace and have a suitable study schedule. Besides, students enrolled in online nursing programs can save money on travelling and accommodation.


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Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What are some of the courses you would get in an online RN degree?

A:Online RN degrees prepare students for a future in nursing. The courses included in the program are designed to give students a thorough understanding of the subject matter. Some commonly found courses are nursing and healthcare, pharmacology ,mental health concepts, maternal-child nursing, medical-surgical nursing, foundations of nursing and critical thinking, nutrition in nursing, nursing of adults, geriatrics and mental health, practical nursing processes, fundamentals of nursing, introduction to clinical nursing and integrated human sciences.

Q:Which degrees are offered in online Nursing programs?

A:Online Nursing programs offer a bunch of degrees in their satellite or online campuses. These include diplomas, Associates Degrees, Bachelors of Sciences in Nursing and Masters of Sciences in Nursing. These can be opted in a number of specializations such as Nurse Practitioner, Anesthesia Nurse, Nurse Midwife, Family Nurse, Children Nurse, Pregnancy Nursing, Registered Nurse and many more.

Q:I am looking for online nursing programs. What are some of the options that I have if I take online nursing classes?

A:There are a number of options for you if you want to pursue online nursing classes. These program options include Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) certificate, Registered Nurse (RN) certification, Associate's Degree in Nursing (ADN), Bachelor's degrees in Nursing (BSN), Master's degree programs and Doctorate in Nursing. Higher level degrees aim to prepare you for various hospital administration departments.

Q:How can I find colleges that have online programs for nursing?

A:There are a number of colleges that offer online programs for nursing. You can look through our website to find out about the different nursing programs and other relevant details. While enrolling in an online nursing program, you may keep in mind some important factors such as accreditation, courses offered, cost, qualifications of faculty, and general repute of the nursing school.

Q:I want to know how online nursing schools are different from campus based schools?

A:The degrees offered by online nursing schools are usually the same as those offered by campus based schools. However, the mode of instruction is different. Online schools provide lessons through online tutorials and video conferencing instead of traditional class room lecturing. Online schools offer certain benefits, such as flexible scheduling and low cost as compared to campus based programs.

Q:I plan to earn an online nursing programs. Can you tell me about the employment prospects of RNs?

A:Registered Nurses have a positive employment outlook. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of RNs is expected to grow at a rate of 19 percent, between the years 2012 and 2022, which is much faster than the average of all occupations. The demand for RNs will increase with the rising demand of healthcare services for the aging population.

Q:I am going to search top online nursing programs 2014. How are they better than other programs?

A:Top online nursing programs are recognized by authentic accrediting agencies and they provide quality nursing education. They not only focus on the theoretical aspect of nursing but equip students with various hands on skills, which are essential for nurses to succeed in the professional world. Employers also prefer graduates from reputed schools, as they see a connection between quality education and performance.

Q:What are the key features of online nursing degree programs?

A:Nursing degree programs are designed to prepare students for nursing careers. Students can opt for online learning in the field of nursing. Online nursing programs are covered through videos, online lectures, and classroom conferencing. This mode of education is affordable for those who cannot manage the high costs that come with campus based studies.

Q:Can you tell me what are the key features of online nursing degree programs?

A:Online nursing programs follow a similar curriculum as that of on campus nursing programs. However, online nursing programs can be much more convenient and flexible. Students can study at their pace and make their own schedule. They are also considered cost effective as many costs associated with on campus education are not incurred in online programs.

Q:What are the different kinds of jobs that can be pursued with a Online Nursing Program?

A:A variety of jobs can be pursued with an online nursing program. The scope of job opportunities depends on one's level of education and areas of specialization. Nurses with a Bachelor's or higher degree can try out for supervisory or managerial roles. Accredited online nursing programs also equip students with enough skills to have job opportunities for nurses who have only completed diploma and certificate programs. Some online nursing schools even offer MBA degree programs that focus on nursing and patient care services.

Q:How many online schools offering nursing programs?

A:There are numerous options for you, when it comes to online nursing schools. However, you need to know some important factors to make a wise choice, as all nursing schools or programs do not provide the same quality of education. Always go for properly accredited programs, and also keep in mind the qualifications of faculty, specializations offered, NCLEX exam pass rate, tuition costs, and placement rate of the school.

Q:What are my employment prospects after going for any 2 year online nursing programs?

A:The 2 year online nursing programs will enable you to become a Registered Nurse (RN). There is a positive employment outlook for RNs, as according to Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) the employment opportunities for RNs will grow by 26 percent during the years 2010 and 2021, which is faster than the average of all occupations. Be sure that the online program you are going for is an accredited one.

Q:Are there any adn online programs that can be completed in less than the usual time allotted?

A:Yes, there are a number of institutes that offer accelerated ADN degree programs. An associate in nursing is a great academic course that can help build the foundation for further education in this field. The program is available for students who have finished high school and want to pursue nursing studies. Accelerated program are also available online.

Q:Why are on line rn programs becoming so popular and taking over the traditional campus based programs?

A:Online education has proved that one does not have to physically present at an institute to fulfill his or her academic goals. In the field of nursing, students can prepare to become a nurse by enrolling in online RN programs. Online programs can be studied at any time of the day and from any location worldwide. These have also proved to be flexible and convenient.

Q:Is going for LPN online nursing programs a feasible option?

A:In the busy times that we live in many people are bound by time or other restraints and for them an online LPN program can be the answer. These programs are offered by many online institutes therefore the accreditation of the institute must be verified. As nursing degree requires hand on training as well some online colleges offer hybrid courses.

Q:Can I take online RN nursing programs?

A:RN nursing program cannot be completed entirely through distance learning. Online RN nursing programs available are mostly offered as a blend of online studies and on site practical training because clinical experience is vital to become a registered nurse. You can appear for a National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses exam after completing your associate's degree in nursing.

Q:How will I have practical experience in online RN programs?

A:The purpose of online programs is to provide you education in the comfort of your home using the internet. However nursing is one field of study that heavily relies on practical experience as it is the most effective method of learning. Online nursing schools do provide some practical experience in form of internships and other ways.

Q:Can i get into a nursing program with a GED?

A:Yes you can enroll in a basic nursing program with a GED diploma. Nursing programs such as the LPN or RN programs require a minimum high school certificate from applicants. These programs are designed to provide students with a basic understanding of nursing. They can be earned online as well as from campus based nursing schools.

Q:Can i go to school online to become nurse?

A:Many online schools are now offering nursing programs. so yes you can attain nursing education online and fulfill your academic goal. The different nursing programs available online include LPN degree programs, RN degree programs, BSN degree programs, and MSN degree programs. Short course and certificate programs in nursing are also available.

Q:I wish to undertake a nursing program online. Will I still be able to obtain a license from such a program?

A:Many of the nursing programs that we offer on this website are accredited. This means that the college offering the program(s) has been approved by a state nursing licensing board. More often than not this is the state board for the state where the college is based. You should ensure that your program is accredited and remains accredited during your program- this is your responsibility.

Q:How do online nursing programs emphasize on practical skill development?

A:If you are wondering how you will be able to develop practical skills in online nursing programs, you should know that you will be required to attend a few campus based classes for this purpose. Nursing education demands a lot of practical skills and clinical skills. Online programs will equip you with all the theory based knowledge you need for this field, but will require you to take a few classes at campus schools.

Q:Are there many affordable online nursing programs?

A:The web-search tool on this website will allow you to find the most appropriate nursing program for your budget. Online programs are often more reasonable, in terms of cost, as there are no travelling costs involved. Also because the materials are available online, there is often no need for expensive books or other materials.

Q:While looking for Online College Nursing courses, I came across accelerated nursing programs, what are they?

A:Since there is a constant demand for nursing professionals, numerous colleges have started offering nursing courses which are completed at a very fast pace and imparts only basics of nursing. This is why these courses are open for non-nursing students as well. They are also popular among professional nurses who are already in the profession but need a career boost.

Q: What academic options are there in online nursing programs?

A:Online nursing courses are of four types: One-year Diploma, Two-year Associates Degree, Four-year BSN (Bachelors of Science), and Masters of Science. Students who desire to prepare for the Licensed Practical Nurse exam should enroll in diploma courses. Associates degree and other programs help a learner to qualify as a Registered Nurse. The RNs get a number of career benefits other than getting handsome salaries.

Q:What subjects are studied in second degree nursing programs at bachelor level?

A:Bachelor second degree programs in nursing are designed for students with a bachelor degree in some other field but want to begin a nursing career. The program is typically s=shorter in duration and has a number of courses included in its curriculum. Students undergo study of areas such as the following: health promotion, disease prevention, acute care, pediatric care, neonatal care, critical care, health of adults, aged, and children, community based nursing, levels of wellness, and many more.

Q:What are the contents of the course on Introduction to Computers in the nanny training programs?/

A:The Nanny Training Programs in United States have dedicate courses on Introduction to Computers. This course is worth 2 credits in total. It is designed to provide students with ample understanding of the foundational concepts of the computer hardware, computer software and the different applications that are used in the basic computing. Hands on experience is also provided.

Q:How much will I be able to earn with nursing programs in Fresno CA?

A:The healthcare industry all over the United States is expected to grow over the next few years. Students having studied nursing programs in Fresno CA have a favorable future ahead of them. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, this sector is going to increase by another 21% till the year 2018. The salary figure depends on the certification and experience of the professional. These professionals can find themselves working in hospitals, trauma centers, private clinics and care homes for the elderly.

Q:What are the contents of the course in Pathophysiology when attending nursing programs in Charleston SC?

A:Course on Pathophysiology is an essential part of nursing programs in Charleston SC. This course is worth 3 credit hours and deals with the foundations of nursing theory. Students also learn about human anatomy, common pathologies, physiology alterations, and adaptability of the human body. Prospective students interested in this course are advised to search our website for more information.

Q:What are the contents of the course on Physical Therapy in the MCI nursing program?

A:The MCI Nursing program usually has a dedicated course on Physical Therapy. This course is worth 3 credits. The sole aim of this course, as the name suggests, is to help students understand how to apply physical therapies, such as heat and cold therapies. You will also get to study the urgency of an emergency situation in healthcare environment.

Q:Is it suitable for working parents to pursue the online nursing programs?

A:The online nursing programs are specially designed to serve the working adults and stay at home parents who cannot attend campus based classes due to their busy and divided schedules. Working professionals can easily complete their nursing degrees via the online programs offered by the universities on our website. For details regarding any particular online nursing university, feel free to contact us.

Q:Which schools offer RN to BSN accelerated nursing programs online?

A:Students can always earn online nursing degrees; these accelerated degree programs are available at all levels. Following are the some of the most popular online nursing schools that offer RN to BSN accelerated nursing programs online: John Hopkins University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Washington, Devry University, University of South Carolina, and University of Michigan.

Q:Are there any nursing programs online?

A:Yes. There are countless nursing programs offered online. You can look into our website to find various areas of specialization in nursing at certificate, associate, bachelor and masters level.

Q:Are there any Nursing Programs that are only online?

A:There are usually no Nursing programs that are only online. You can most definitely find an on campus version.

Q:Does your website have accelerated nursing programs videos?

A:At the moment we don't have any accelerated nursing programs videos, but do keep checking our website for any updates.

Q:What advantage online nursing program has on the on-campus program in monetary terms?

A:The online nursing program is cheaper in monetary terms as compared to campus-based programs. Further, the reduce travel expenses and save a lot of time.

Q:What is the advantage of studying at an online nursing school?

A:Online nursing school programs are cheaper and much more flexible. They allow you to complete the degree at your own pace.

Q:Do the Nursing programs online also have an alternative for the clinical requirements?

A:No. Nursing programs online don't have any alternate for that and so the clinical requirements of the program have to be completed at a medical institute.

Q:What is the main advantage of online nursing programs?

A:Online nursing programs can be a great alternative to on-campus studying due to the flexibility in study schedules and timings, as well as not having to commute to the college or university.

Q:Do I have to study for nursing programs on-campus only or are there online course options?

A:Nursing programs can be pursued in traditional on-campus settings as well as online. You can look for institutes offering nursing programs in both modes of education on our website.

Q:What do the 2 to 4 years online nursing program prepare students for?

A:The 2 to 4 year online nursing program prepare students for the licensed Registered Nurse examination.

Q:What do the 1 year nursing online programs do?

A:The 1 year nursing online programs prepare nursing students to take the Licensed Practical Nurse exam and hence be qualified Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs).

Q:What is the career prospect for someone doing Nursing Online Program?

A:Nursing Online Program is a very competitive course considering the number of opportunities open to nurses due to the increasingly complex health system.

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