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Post Graduate Certificates in Nursing

Post-Grad Certificates in Nursing followed by a Bachelor’s degree can increase your chances of working in various senior positions in the medical field.

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Structure and duration of the degree program

Post-Grad Certificates of Nursing can be possibly be completed within a year. However, it might take longer or shorter if you take courses with intervals or an accelerated program. Universities usually allow such flexibility in the program to suit the needs of the students. The credits can then possibly be transferred to a Master’s degree program if you are interesting in continuing your education.

Highlights of the coursework

The coursework for the program includes:

  • The evolution and practice of nursing
  • Nursing ethics
  • Health policy
  • Management and planning in health care
  • Working with the elderly and children

The coursework also includes some administrative aspects which might later be helpful in getting administrative jobs in clinics and hospitals.

Admission criteria and graduation requirements

To get admission into the program, you need a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field although this is not a compulsion with a number of universities. Some previous knowledge of the field or work experience can essentially improve your chances of being admitted.

Career prospects and average salary

Nursing is one of those fields in the medical area where jobs are relatively broader in their scope. Seeing the expanding job market, most of the universities and colleges offer degrees in the field. A Post-Grad Certificate could be a precursor to a Master’s degree or improve your prospects of ending up with a related job with private clinics and hospitals. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics states that Medical and Health Services Managers for which those holding a post-grad certificate in nursing can become eligible for, earned a median wage of $92,810 per year in May 2014.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What is the duration of a Post Grad certificate in Nursing?

A:Typically, the post grad certificates in nursing can be completed within 9-12 months. Students can pursue these programs through traditional colleges or online programs offered by distance learning universities. The key purpose of post grad certificates is to enhance the existing knowledge base of students to prepare them to work in nursing homes, hospitals and clinics.

Q:Name a few areas in which students can attain Post Master’s Certificate in Nursing education online?

A:A Post Master's Certificate in Nursing is designed to help nurses prepare for certification exams in a chosen field for specialization. These post nursing certification programs are offered online through a number of renowned online schools. Following are a few areas in which students can earn post certificates: neonatal nurse practitioner, nurse’s midwifery program, clinical nurse’s specialist, nursing education, and family nurse practitioner program.

Q:From which accredited online nursing schools can students earn Post-Graduate Certificate in Nursing?

A:Post graduate certificate in nursing can be opted for after completion of a MSN degree. It is accredited online schools such as American Intercontinental University Online Ivy Bridge College, Baker College Online, Bellevue University, Herzing University, Capella University, LA College Online, Drexel University Online, Nova Southeastern University, Full Sail University, Strayer University, and Florida Tech University Online.

Q:My search for post graduate certificate in nursing education mentioned NCSBN. What is the purpose of this organization?

A:NCSBN would be mentioned when searching for post graduate certificate in nursing education. NCSBN stands for National Council of State Boards of Nursing. It is a nonprofit organization which is responsible for developing and administering NCLEX-PN examinations. These examinations help professionals qualify as LPN and LVN's. With the health care industry expanding all over the United States, there is huge potential for students interested in this certification.

Q:My search on post grad certificates Nursing took me to Issues and Trends in Practical Nursing course. Can you tell me more?

A:It is common to come across the reference of courses and programs related to the field while going through search such as post grad certificates Nursing. In Issues and Trends in Practical Nursing course, the students get to study about various trends followed in the era in the field of Nursing and various issues that might rise. They are also taught the history of the field.

Q:What are the contents of the course on Principles of Management in the Post Graduate degree program?

A:The Post Graduate degree program has dedicated course on Principles of Management. This course usually is worth 2 credits in total. It is designed to provide students with strong understanding of the practices and principles of management. Students are also taught the concepts of effective leadership and the various motivational techniques.

Q:While searching for Administrative Science post graduate certificate programs, I came across a course on Ethics & Public Values. What would I learn in this course?

A:The course on Ethics and Public Values would come up when searching for Administrative Science post graduate certificate programs. This course is usually worth 3 credit hours and deals with the ethical facets of personal and professional judgments for public managers. Students with the help of this course also learn about public service organizations and the morals of public policy.

Q:What are the requirements for post graduate certificates in nursing?

A:Post graduate certificates in nursing are mostly a year long. As is evident from the term post graduate the entry requirement include having a graduate degree in nursing or relevant area. The requirements can differ from institute to institute. Some may prefer the students to have a little work experience but mostly the entry requirements are not very rigid.

Q:What is the purpose of a postgraduate certificate in nursing?

A:A postgraduate certificate in nursing aims to advance the professional and educational development of students. This program can be undertaken by registered nurses or students from different fields who desire to gain further skills and understanding of the field of nursing. Apart from being a nursing education program, it also serves as a community health education and patient teaching platform.

Q:How do I apply for post nursing programs?

A:To apply for post nursing programs, you must have a graduate degree in nursing. Post graduate nursing programs can be pursued at certificate or diploma level. The entry requirements may vary from college to college. You can search online to find out what schools are currently offering these programs. There is information available on our page as well, feel free to take a look.

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